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How To Make Conference Call On Android? [With Pictures]

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How To Make Conference Call On Android

What is a conference call?

Before discussing how to make a conference call on android you need to understand what is a conference call and how does it help.

A conference call is a process through which a caller can add several called party at a time and merge them into a single call so that everybody can talk or listen to each other. Conference call mainly designed to connect people from different locations and run their conversation over a call so that they can get their job done easier and faster.

Benefits of conference calls

1. You can talk to multiple people at the same time a single call.

2. Making a conference call can reduce your calling expenses.

3. Most efficient and quickest way to get people together for a discussion.

How To Make Conference Call On Android: a step by step guide

1. Make your first call.


2. When your 1st call go connected you can see an option on your mobile screen “add call”, click on that



3. Find another contact from your list whom you want and make a call to that person. While dialing the 2nd called party, the 1st party will be on hold automatically.


4. After connecting to the 2nd called party you will see another option “marge call”. By clicking marge call both calls will be merged and everybody can talk to each other.

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5. If you want to add more people then repeat these process.

6. You can see “conference call” on your mobile screen.

Though the conference call option is inbuilt, still you can download some free apps from Playstore for better user experience with cool features.

Best 3 Conference Call Making apps in 2018

1. Free Conference Call:

Free Conference Call free android app to make HD audio conferencing for up to 1,000 participants

Conference Caller

2. Conference Caller

Conference Caller most popular Android app to make conference call meetings with a simple click!

Auto Conference Call

3. Auto Conference Call

Auto Conference Call is a ultimate Android video conferencing app. It free, reliable and easier to use.

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