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8 Gifts for Apple Lovers in 2018

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gifts for apple lovers

There is always one friend in the group who is an apple geek. Apple geeks will keep themselves updated with the latest iOS, iPhone, MacBook and lot more. Even when an occasion like birthday or perhaps anniversary arrives, it becomes the real struggle in finding the ideal gift.

Therefore, today in this article we are going to present you the top ten gifts for the Apple geeks in your life. Check it out and trust us; they will be delighted to receive a gift that wins the heart.

1.   Headphones

Apple’s AirPods are just fine but what nothing matches up to the headphones that are durable and improves audio quality. You can browse the internet and find such headphones. The latest headphones use high tech features like optical sensors and motion accelerators.

This latest feature will automatically route audio and engage the built-in quality in the microphone. In the AirPods, the Siri is controlling the sound. The mic filters use the background to improve the audio quality.

You can buy the wireless headphones from the beats and listen to the latest music.

2.   Mac book Stand

Maintaining to hold the laptop a little above you is essential. If not kept accordingly, it can lead to some worse injuries from bending over and continuous stress. The Mac Book holder or Laptop Arm will keep it at an appropriate distance.

The stand adjusts easily. If you wish to go to another room, then you can carry it along with the MacBook. Correct angle and modifiable view, one can set it whatever makes it comfortable.

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3.   Desk Tray Organizer

An organized life leads to boost up in the productivity. Hence, one should always ensure that the materials or other things are well organized. Another gift that you can present is the desk tray organizer.

For someone who always ends up wasting time in finding the things, desk tray organizer is perfect. Place your MacBook on the table and attach the organizer with it. You can put in all your items inside it.

Moreover, the desk tray organizer consumes minimum space that makes it a better option where there is less space. Straightforward to accumulate, one can easily maintain tidiness.

4.   Moment Photo Case

The moment is famously known for its brilliant quality pictures. For anyone who loves photography, it is an excellent gifting idea. The moment lens is built inside the phone case, so you do not have to attach lens separately.

It is thin and robust with the rubberized body. One can get the charge of grip and protection, capture the photos with one-handed shooting.

The moment photo case is light in weight and easy to carry, fits in the pocket easily – making your iPhone a better camera. In fact, if it is damaged, there is a warranty period of twelve months.

5.   Apple Watch Series

The latest Apple watch series is stunning. Most up-to-date features – it is necessary for a fan. What’s more interesting is the fitness tracker that allows you to observe your heart rate tracking, counting steps and so much more facilities are available.

Guess what, you can even jog around without having your phone nearby. The new Apple smartwatch permits you in setting the alarms, sending and reading the text messages, watch the notifications or merely pulling up the Siri.

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6.   Portable Charger

Everyone faces low battery issues. You turn the brightness down and then switch on the low battery mode. Nevertheless, iPhone does consume battery. Because of which one should always keep a back up with a portable charger.

There are different types of chargers available that fit tightly into a pocket. And it can make your phone survive when you need the most.

Anker bricks are one of many portable chargers that are recommended by most of the users. It can charge up the iPhone up to seven times. Besides, the portable charger is obtainable in blue, red, black and white.

7.   Mac book and iPad Covers, Holder

Covers add a charming touch to the devices rather than the monotonous look. There are so many covers accessible of which you can get through an online shop. On the other hand, opt for the stickers according to your preference or a particular theme.

8.  Ecobee Thermostat

Thermostats are in trend. Ecobee and Nest are the famous brands that offer you the best thermostat. For the apple lover, Ecobee is the ultimate gift as it is in synchronization with Apple Home. One can control it through an iPad and iPhone.

The smart feature of Ecobee will help you in saving the energy all year around.

When you are selecting a gift, all you need is the right nudge in a correct direction. Hence, the above written are gifts that you can offer it to the Apple Geek in your life and be ready to receive a bone-crushing hug in return.

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