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Best Android Launcher 2018 | Free Android Launchers

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If you have arrived at our door, I imagine you are looking for a new launcher for your Android mobile applications. And, this is timely because this article is dedicated to offering you the best launchers available on Android. If yours is not present in the list, tell us in the comments. We will try it and maybe add it in a future edition!

Some questions in your mind to know, what is a launcher? How to install Android?

Best Free Android Launchers to customize your Android phone


1. iLauncher, the iPhone style on Android

iPhone is certainly one of the objects of many users’ desires. Its features and the many dedicated applications make it one of the best mobile devices in the world. One of the important features on the iPhone is certainly iOS Apple’s mobile operating system which offers a distinctive look made to improve the management and launch of applications in the Appleton.

If we love the look of the iPhone we can have it on our Android smartphone through a simple launcher called iLauncher.

iLauncher is a simple Launcher for Android which allows us to bring the default theme of the iPhone on our Android device. Through the Launcher we will also have Smooth Scrolling, rounded corners, and gloss effects, we can also customize the dock-bar and move the links of applications simply by holding them down for a long time.

Available in 2 free Lite versions and a paid version that offers some additional features to install it on our Android Smartphone simply by searching for the application in the Android Market or download iLauncher from Apkwebs.


Arrow Launcher

2. Arrow Launcher:

Who said that Microsoft did not like Android? By launching a launcher under Google’s mobile OS, the Redmond firm confirms once again its interest in Android smartphones. Arrow Launcher is a clear and uncluttered alternative application launcher that brings a new dimension to your mobile by facilitating your use.

Thus, the launcher consists of three panels that are dedicated to a category dedicated to each of them. On the left, it is possible to find frequent contacts. In the middle, these are the apps. Then, on the right is the last page dedicated to creating notes and reminders. Finally, know that you can pin your favorite applications or that you use the most at the bottom of the screen for access at any time.

Beyond that, Microsoft has thought of bringing together Skype, which is then able to replace the default application of Android to play the role of call composer or to choose Bing as a search engine.

Want to take a look, Microsoft offers Arrow Launcher for free on Google Play:

Version tested:

File size: about 22 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3+

Economic model: totally free

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Nova Launcher

3. Nova Launcher: a timeless classic

No need to remind, Nova Launcher is a reference in the middle! It is also one of the most popular Android application launchers. Why do you think? In the first place, this is explained by the fact that it offers a lot, but then a TAS of practical and cool functions. The second strong point, the best perhaps, is none other than its very broad compatibility with mobile devices – Smartphone’s and tablets – Android. Download Here

In the same context, there is the very good competitor named Apex launcher. Try it, it’s apex launcher free download too.


Apus Launcher

4. Apus Launcher

Rather standard, Apus is an alternative launcher of Android applications that remove the drawer of your apps to teleport all on the desktop, like MIUI and iOS in particular. If you come to adopt it, you are strongly advised to download its Apus Notification extension that extends the features to a whole new level. With this famous plugin, you will be able to enjoy the famous “numbers of notifications on applications” with calls, SMS / MMS, emails and some other popular services. Finally, it is interesting to know that energy consumption is less cumbersome than Google Now. Result: better autonomy.

Version tested: 3.8.5

File size: about 12 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3+

Economic model: totally free


Buzz Launcher

5. Buzz Launcher

Community-oriented, Buzz Launcher is what we could call a “participatory” alternative application launcher. Between them, users can create and share themes at will through a dedicated portal. Take a look; it’s definitely worth the detour for a launcher that looks 6.like none, but then NO others.

If you feel like it, Buzz Launcher is free on Google Play:

Version tested:

File size: about 13 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3+

Economic model: totally free


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Go Launcher EX

6. Go Launcher EX: the other great classic to try

Another classic in this area, Go Launcher EX dresses your Smartphone with its incredibly free themes. You can use gestures such as pinching on the Home screen, change the context menus that appear on long presses, and edit widgets extensively. The only drawback of Go Launcher is the installation of premium applications during the first use.

Version tested: 2.08

File size: about 13 MB

Compatibility: Android 2.0+

Economic model: free with micro-payments


Action Launcher

7. Action Launcher

Action Launcher is inspired by the Google Pixel launcher (ie opening the application launcher with a vertical swipe) and adds colors and customization options. Themes allow adapting the home screen with the wallpaper. You’ll also find modern classics such as adaptive icons or notification points.

If you want to test it, Action Launcher 3 is free on Google Play:

Version tested: 35

File size: about 13 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0

Economic model: free with micro-payments

Of course, this list is not exhaustive; there are many other launchers, all with their lot of advantages (and often disadvantages). It’s up to you to tell us in which comment is your favorite.

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