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Apple Watch Series 4: Everything You Need To Know

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The first Apple Watch was launched in September 2015. Three years ago Apple entered a new market in which by then only brands like Fitbit or Pebble had an important representation in an emerging market. Three years later, the fourth generation of the Apple Watch Series 4 comes, with some design changes and a new operating system, the watchOS 5.

The new Apple Watch 4 presents a fundamental change in relation to its predecessors and is the size of the watch. While up until now they had been 38mm and 42mm, they will now be slightly larger, 40mm and 44mm respectively. The reason is that your panel now with fewer bevels is slightly larger, although you can still use the bracelets that you had until now of your old Apple Watch without any problem.


The Apple Watch Series 4 comes in aluminum with spatial gray, silver and gold colors and there is also a Nike version and another Hermes version.

Features Apple Watch Series 4

screen40mm / 44mm
ProcessorS4 (double core)
Heart rate sensorYes, optical and electronic
Other sensorsAccelerometer, gyroscope, barometric altimeter
WaterproofUp to 50 meters
ConnectivityWi-Fi (802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz), Bluetooth 5.0, NFC for Apple Pay
NetCell network option
BatteryNot available
OSWatchOS 5
Price GPS versionUS $ 399 / US $ 429
Price LTE versionUS $ 499 / US $ 529

News of the Apple Watch Series 4

The new Apple Watch Series 4 is 30 percent more screen and each part of Watch has been redesigned. Its speaker is 50 percent more powerful, has a new and improved microphone, a new S4 processor with twice the power, and also an accelerometer that allows you to better detect your movements and even falls. In fact, Apple has a new application for the detection of falls, which can be especially useful for older users: is able to make an emergency call if after a certain time the clock does not get a response from the user.

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Something interesting is that now the internal face of all Apple Watch is ceramic, which will improve the cellular connection. The digital crown has also been redesigned, and now has a haptic response, allowing it to emit small vibrations, which makes the tactile experience much more real.

The Apple Watch Series 4 did not improve, however, in other details, such as the battery, which continues to last a day, and does not add sleep monitoring in an integrated manner, another disappointment considering that watches like the Fitbit Versa and the include.

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ECG or electrocardiograms in the Apple Watch Series 4

One of the most revolutionary functions of the Apple Watch Series 4 is, without doubt, the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram in a simple way, which you can then send in PDF format to your doctor. To achieve this, the watch now not only has an optical heart rate sensor but also has an electric one.

Apple included integrated electrodes in the digital crown and in the back of the glass the new electrical sensor. In order to perform an electrocardiogram, Apple says that only the ECG application should be opened, touch the digital crown for 30 seconds and then receive a heart rate classification.

This particular study allows knowing if the heart beats at a normal rate or if there are symptoms of atrial fibrillation, a heart problem that can lead to more serious diseases. Thanks to watchOS 5, Apple will analyze your heart rate intermittently, in order to know if you suffer from an anomaly. Also, in case you have an unusual heart rhythm, it will let you know.

According to the official statement from Apple, the ECG application that is responsible for making an electrocardiogram will be available for the Apple Watch later this year, only in the United States. We have consulted the company on this matter, to know if there is a possibility that it will reach Europe, Asia or Latin America

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WatchOS 5 turns Apple Watch into Walkie Talkie

Both the new Apple Watch Series 4 and its predecessors, except the first generation, can enjoy the watchOS 5, Apple’s new operating system for smartwatches. Apple has focused its efforts on improving health and physical activity, and now has a more detailed training of exercises such as yoga.

Among its innovations are interactive notifications that will now be more complete, and even a Web viewer that allows you to preview links. To this, we must add that the Podcasts app will now be available on the device and that areas like Siri’s will give us even more information about our smart devices.

However, one of the most fun and expected functions is the Walkie Talkie, which will allow an Apple Watch to connect to another and use this function to talk through the smartwatch through short audio messages. This function will be available when you are connected via Wi-Fi or when you are using LTE.

First impressions

The Apple Watch Series 4 versus the Apple Watch Series 3 represents a small design breakthrough. The watch now has a larger screen size, fewer levels, and a better processor, although it keeps its aspect of the form: and no, it is not round as many would have thought.

Apple decided not to follow the path of watches as the Galaxy Watch that is circular, at the end of accounts, has the best-selling clock in the world. However, the smartwatch does not show great progress: we have not seen sleep monitoring or a longer battery. We will have to prove it to give you our final opinion.

Price and availability of the Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 GPS will cost from the US $ 399, LTE from the US $ 499; the Apple Watch Series 3 lowers its price to the US $ 279. They can be purchased from September 14 with deliveries from September 21, when it reaches the stores. Watches 5 will arrive on September 17th.

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