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Best App Store Optimization Tips 2018 [ASO Expert]

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App Store Optimization 2018

App Store optimization is a technique to increase the visibility of an app through better rankings in search results and top charts. Optimizing the app for search results can be compared to search engine optimization, which is used to optimize the websites. For people who do not know what ASO is, it is search engine optimization for the App Store. With the increase in the number of apps in the app store, it is necessary for every app owner to concentrate on the ASO strategies that can get them good visibility and conversions to increase the number of downloads.

App store optimization is an inevitable part of the marketing process that can have a great impact on the success rate of the app. ASO mainly aims at increasing the visibility of the app to get more users for the app. If you want to increase the visibility of your app in the app store, you can follow a few tips and tricks to get more conversions. ASO is not as easy as you think. But, with these tips and tricks, you will be able to achieve good results for your app.

Here are a few of the latest tips and tricks that can boost your ranking on the app store search list:

1. Choose the Name and Keywords Carefully

The name of the app plays a major role in getting more users to use your app. Adding your brand name with the keyword as your app name is the best way to attract more users. Using keywords in your app name can help you rank better on the app search list. Search engines use the app name as a key factor while ranking the app on the search list. Make sure that your app name does not exceed 100 characters. Lengthy app names are a sign of poor optimization according to search engine algorithms.

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2. Use an Attractive Icon

Remember that the icon you choose will represent your app and the brand. A simple and eye-catching icon can be a great app store optimization strategy. Make sure that the icon is unique when compared to that of your competitors.

3. Use Catchy App-Description and Content

The first thing people notice when they click on your app is the description of the app. Now that you have impressed the user to click on your app, you need to make sure that the user does not bounce to another app without installing your app. A great way to captivate the user is through the description. Google scans for the keywords used in your description to rank your app on the search results. Along with the description, the content of the app plays a major role in generating leads. If you are not great with content and lead generation, you can always outsource the responsibility to lead generation services.

4. Add App Screenshots and Preview Video

Adding screenshots and preview videos can help you gain the trust of the users easily. They can be used as a great tool to impress the users. Providing a preview video will help your customer get a virtual visit to your app. It will help them understand whether your app is suitable for their purpose or not.

5. Localization of the App Can Get More Users

Localization of the app is an excellent strategy to target people of a locality to install your app. Localize your app listing before performing complete localization. Experiment on different areas and decide the locations where you can achieve better results. Generate leads and target the app based on location. If you are facing difficulty in generating the leads, you can take help from lead generation services that can solve your problem.

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6. Good Rating and Customer Reviews Can Increase Downloads

Rating and customer reviews are the two things that can have a great impact on your user base. A user always checks the rating and customer reviews before downloading the app. If your app has bad ratings and customer reviews, there is only little chance that the user will download the app. So, make sure that your app has a good rating and customer reviews. There might be people who would still rate your app less than it deserves. Take bad reviews positively and address the issue wisely rather than hiding the comments.


These are the tips that can help you get more users and achieve a better ranking for your app. If you are new to ASO and are trying to get great results by learning the strategy from the scratch, it might be very difficult to get good results. To use the app store optimization strategies, you need to know the tactics from the basics. You need to have complete knowledge about the App Store Optimization strategies for your industry. ASO depends on the industry, competition and the value of your app. App store optimization is a flexible field. You can try different strategies and decide on the one that works well for your business. You can also find many google play alternatives to download android apps.

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