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Travel Habits and Patterns of Muslim Travelers

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Nomadic and hunter lifestyle belongs to the history of human race and if you see back in the time, the history has so many travel tales to tell. Many great scholars in Islamic history including Ibn-e-Battuta were great travelers too. He traveled in a quest for knowledge, teachers and libraries. On his way, he discovered many roads and traveled to many small towns and countries. Yes, there are many other too and that list can go on.

As we are talking about Muslim travelers, let’s just make it inspiring for you. Muslim travelers are no exception from other tourists. They just have different norms and want to enjoy the beauty of the world without exploiting any religious terms. The concept of Halal Holidays is the brand new, Muslims have already set new traveling trends from the past when there were no Umrah Packages but the distance was in miles. The only transportation was camel and people survived the days because of faith and affection they had for Allah (SWT). Travel habits and patterns don’t develop all of a sudden but one can always attract a few unusual habits.

Well, it’s a great news and the credit goes to Muslim-friendly holiday trend that Muslims from major Muslim and some European countries are now traveling around the world.  There are few terms especially terrorism has made their travel as hell. Apart from Hajj and Umrah tours, there were no other options for Muslims. The trend is changing and more people even female Muslim fellows are also traveling around the world. Most of the Muslim couples or families are concerned about the private pools.

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Patterns of Muslims Travellers for Booking an Itinerary

There are three common patterns that Muslims look for when booking their itinerary. Following are the common patterns that a Muslim customer follow while booking his holidays with family, spouse or even alone.

1. Validity: flexibility of the plan and authentic resources.

2. Affordability: Accommodation, transportation and excursions should be reasonable.

3. Convenience: Halal food, private pools and privacy are the main factors to be considered before booking.

Common Habits of Muslim Travellers

There are some habits that you can notice among the Muslim travelers. If you’re afraid of bonding with a Muslim travel fellow. Try it once. They may seem different in the habits but most of them are very sweet and kind. You can learn about some habits just to avoid the conflict.

1. Prayer Habit (5 times a day)

They have to pray 5 times a day. If you’re the one tagging along, it is actually a fun. They care for the people around and respect their time. Islam has the beauty that lets you make your prayer shorter as per the traveling requirements. So, no one around them would be waiting all long. One thing they keep asking is usually about the mosque and timings. You will also find them looking for the apps telling about the direction of Qibla or reciting something.

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2. Searching for the Halal food

No matter wherever you go, any restaurant or eating place, they will ask about the halal food. Well, you need to understand their values and as it is religious sensitive, don’t make fun. However, now it is all over in the world, there is a mobile application that tells you about places to find halal food.

3. Permissible Activities

You’ll find them very exciting and enthralling. Muslim Women may seem serious but they are full of un in person. Find any permissible activities and let the fun begin. They can help you ride the most amazing journey of your life. sometimes, you will find them in limitations but at others, they get along and help you enjoy the journey at the best.

4. Manageable timings

Timing is one of the crucial factors for Muslim travelers. You can’t just randomly ask them to get along especially if it is the month of Ramadan, it might get difficult. In Ramadan, most of the Muslims prefer to go for Hajj or Umrah tours other than Halal holidays. For other vacations, you can choose other months.

These are some common patterns and habits of Muslim travelers and all of them are completely harmless for other tourists. You can travel in a group with them and you’ll have the fantastic journey. The friendly nature of them makes you befriend them which can go for the whole life.

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