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Forklift Maintenance Checklist in 2018

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Forklifts are great machines that contribute to the output production of businesses in motion. Businesses in the Philippines use forklifts for various applications such as indoor and outdoor materials movement, proper logistics arrangement and transporting staff around the area. With its capabilities to serve other specialty applications, it is very important that it is given the proper care and maintenance that it requires. In the Philippines, forklifts can be subjected to tons of workloads with all of those requiring it to carry a certain weight which can take a toll on the vehicle’s performance if you do not take it upon yourself to ensure that it is properly maintained. It is normal to lack in knowledge on where to start when it comes to maintenance for your forklifts so let this article give you a head start.

Have a Regular Inspection of Your Machine

A thorough inspection is a must for forklifts whether you are looking at changes in its cosmetics or performance. Both require the time and effort to identify if it can be used as efficiently as possible. It is recommended that an inspection of the vehicle should be done daily. Note that it can be done before and after operations so it can be easier to determine changes to the machine. This practice can save you the time and money that can otherwise go to repairs if you are not mindful of the condition of your forklift. It will be the safest measure as well because detecting a problem prematurely will be the suitable solution in ensuring maximum vehicle performance.

Consult the Manufacturer’s Manual for Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Usually, forklift providers include a manual or guidebook together with the forklift at purchase. Do not disregard the information provided in it because you can use it to comply with maintenance schedules. Forklift maintenance checks should be done within a regular schedule. Keep in mind that you should consider schedules for an oil change, the span of usage of the vehicle and the proper ways of maintaining its optimum performance. Using forklifts for business is a great way to speed up internal and external operations but if you fail to maintain the vehicle, then it will spell big problems on your operational functions.

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Perform Regular Battery Maintenance

Extending the lifespan of your forklift can also be attributed to regular battery maintenance. Keeping your forklift running smoothly will require the proper inspection and maintenance of its integral parts like its battery. As an owner of a business that uses forklifts for daily operations, you should know that batteries have a limited number of cycles if you do not take proper care of it. Overusing batteries or charging based on convenience will damage your vehicle’s lifecycle. Do not overcharge it as well and make sure that you place the forklift in a suitable temperature so that you do not damage it more.

Clean Your Forklifts as Often as Possible

Although cleaning your forklift will greatly improve its appearance, it also has some added benefits as well. Cleanliness is a significant measure that you can perform on a forklift because this can help you avoid the buildup of combustible materials on your machine and prevent other issues caused by the unkempt usage of the forklift. Along with the maintenance schedule that you have outlined, you should also create a cleaning schedule for the forklift. Cleaning your forklift regularly will ensure that it will work with top-notch performance and therefore will result in quality output production from your end. It is recommended that you do this weekly to make way for the daily regular checks that you will do for the vehicle.

Check the Parts for Any Signs of Trouble

If you are suspecting that you have come across a problem with your forklift, then it is better to check it rather than encountering more damage in the long run. Hearing an unusual noise, loose gears or parts that show great signs of trouble will allow you to deal with any issue that may soon arise. When this happens, repairs will do the trick and regular maintenance will prevent it from happening again. Think that it is not just the vehicle that will suffer when it is exposed to damages but your business as well. Check integral parts for negative changes such as a soft handbrake, difficulties in shifting or knocks in the engine.

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Stick to an Oil Change Schedule

An oil change schedule is also an important part of preventive maintenance concerning forklifts. Forklift providers usually advise on the suitable time that you should do an oil change and even without the information, you can take it upon yourself to see if your vehicle needs to undergo an oil change. It is recommended that this task is performed every 3 months so you can maintain a great engine performance from the forklift. You will notice if it is time to change the oil if the oil looks dark brown, the engine is emitting a louder sound than usual, or if the forklift exhaust fumes are turning black. These are the first signs of trouble and a call for an oil change.

Key Takeaway

Knowing the maintenance tips for forklifts used in business are a great way to maintain the benefits that forklifts can contribute to your daily operations. Forklifts in the Philippines and other countries are great machines that accommodate various applications that can give your business a significant return-on-investment in the long run. Perform preventive maintenance so you would not waste time and money on repairs which will be problematic for your business. Look back on these tips and see if you have missed anything then proceed to maintain your forklift in tip-top shape.

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