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White Label Mobile Apps vs. Custom App Development

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The world of Taxi App Development is witnessing new innovations at a rapid pace. Even when the Uber has conquered 72 countries and other giants like Lyft, GRAB, and Ola are catching up, there are still many opportunities left for new players to join. Now, if you are looking to develop an app for your taxi business then you must answer a question. Which is, whether to go for a white label app or a custom-built app?

Both the methods are very popular and are used by all the mobile app developers. In this article, we will discuss why white label apps are better than a custom-built app and why? First, let us see what does white label app means.

What is White Label Apps?

White label product is nothing but an app which is originally built by a company and then rebranded later to some other company with necessary customization. In a nutshell, it is a kind of a template app which can be customized and owned by some other company.

There are two techniques used in developing White Label Mobile Apps.

1. In the first technique, there is a change in the frontend design while the backend database remains the same to give a new look to the app.

2. The second technique is to develop a multi-tenant app where multiple apps are built for each tenant; however, there are slight differences due to the customization of each app by their clients.

Now let us discuss the pros and cons of White Label apps.


Short time to market

Just imagine that there is a taxi business in a niche. In that niche, no one uses a mobile app. The owner of that taxi business decides to use a mobile app. Now, he can either contact a taxi app development solutions firm to build an app from the scratch or he can take a white label app and customize according to its need. In the latter case, the owner can save a considerable amount of time which can be crucial as time is critical; it gives you an edge against the competitors.

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Less Initial Investment and Large Scope of Customization

It is obvious that building an app from the scratch is costly along with being a lengthy process. To build a custom app you need to contact a business analyst and designer who study your app’s core features and place them as per your requirement respectively. This process involves a large amount of investment.

On contrary, signing up for a white label taxi solution takes a comparatively low amount of capital. Moreover, the process is quick too. Additionally, it is easier to customize these apps as per your requirement.

Post-Release Support & Maintenance

Companies providing white label taxi solutions also provide support & maintenance after the release of the app. Usually, tasks such as picking a server, supporting the app, code updating, and to ensure every operation is running smoothly requires a system administrator on a payroll. Moreover, these tasks become too cumbersome and the taxi service owners usually opt for the white label solutions which have all these tasks covered.

Other Benefits 

The other added advantages that you receive while opting for white label taxi solution is that the expert professionals of a mobile app development company take care of branding and customization of your Taxi Booking App.

As every coin has two faces, white label apps also have a few disadvantages. Let’s discuss its cons


No Guarantee of Code Quality

One of the cons that white label apps have is that you don’t have a control over code quality. You are receiving a solution from a white label app service provider without an access to the backend. Due to which you are unaware of the quality of the codes and you got to believe whatever the company is offering you.

Scalability and Lack of Updates

When you are building an app from the scratch then you build it keeping in mind the future updates and the scalability. For example, if you currently have a thousand drivers and you plan to expand it to 20 thousand drivers, then you would build your app in such a way that it can be updated to manage 20 thousand drivers later. On contrary, in the white label app, you got to accept whatever solution they have. Moreover, it is not sure whether it’s possible to scale your app accordingly.

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Arguments Supporting White Label Taxi App Development

The question is what should you prefer: White label or Custom-built App. Before I tell you which one to choose, I would like to put some arguments which justifies my claim. On-Demand Taxi industry is moving at a rapid pace. And you can’t even afford to miss by a few hours as everyone is coming with something new. So, making your app at a brisk pace is a necessity.

Now, in custom-built apps, the time taken to build an app from a scratch can take ages. However, it does satisfy all the client’s need and is also of high quality. But, the process is not quick enough. So, in an industry where time plays such a massive role, custom-built apps doesn’t serve the purpose.

Secondly, perhaps the biggest and most significant factor in choosing white label taxi apps is the cost. The developers in custom-built apps start everything from the zero. The development cycle and project management are of longer duration. Coming to the main point, the cost of custom-built apps is way higher than that of white label app. It is because the white label apps are already tried & tested and have undergone a series of prototyping and testing, unlike the custom-built app.


On-Demand Taxi industry still has a lot to offer. Thousands of entrepreneurs are working on different ideas to provide convenient, rapid, and unique taxi services. Mobile App is a soul for these services. So, it becomes very critical to choose a better method for building your app. Many of you might go for custom-built app development process because of the authority it gives you to build the app that you intend it to be. However, it must be considered that it’s just not that. Time and money play a significant role in here.

As earlier mentioned, time is very crucial as there are many competitors in the market and you can’t afford to invest too much time in your project; otherwise, someone else may get ahead of you. Similarly, money is a major factor, not only in taxi app development but in any business. So, keeping these factors in mind I would say that it is wise to go with the White Label App Development.

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