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Most important technology news of the year in 2020

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Most important technology news

2016 was not only a highly newsworthy year for the politics, economics, and even shows (especially for the death of significant figures like David Bowie or Prince), but also technology. We have to know about the most important technology news. From the first triumph of artificial intelligence over a human in a Go game, he is going through a bustling crisis of Samsung and the explosive batteries of his Galaxy Note 7 to the launch of games like Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run. Check here the five most important technology news of this year.

Getting know: 5 most important technology news in 2020

most important technology news

1)Most important technology news:  The triumph of Artificial Intelligence

AlphaGo, a Google artificial intelligence system, defeated Lee Sedol, one of the best Go players of our era. It was an event that experts had not expected in a decade. AlphaGo technology today powers part of the services Google offers and its impact will be more significant in the future.

2) Apple against the world

The apple firm bravely resisted the FBI when it asked to break the security of an iPhone. This sparked a great debate about the need for encryption in communications. The company is also fighting the European Union to avoid having to pay back some $ 14 billion in taxes that it allegedly evaded in Ireland.

3) Explosive batteries and Samsung’s hot flash

The Galaxy Note 7 battery disaster put Samsung in serious trouble, completely sinking a device that was to compete strongly with the iPhone 7. The effects of this problem will inevitably affect the future development of the product line, from the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

4) Pokémon Go fever  and Mario’s arrival on the iPhone

The launch of Pokemon Go has been one of the most explosive. It is perhaps strange, of all time in the world of video games. This app opened up the spectrum of possibilities for augmented reality. It is also put museums, hospitals, churches, and a long list of institutions on the hook. It is beginning to fight against users who came to search for Pokémon in the most unusual places. Added to this title was the arrival of Super Mario Run for iPhone, which is so far the riskiest move by Nintendo in the world of mobile phones. The game has triggered and also sunk, the company’s stock. Beyond this, without a doubt, this moment represents a turning point in the future development of the company and its games. 

5) The year of virtual reality

The Oculus glasses finally came to the market, which joined the Samsung Gear VR and the HTC Vive to form the first robust line of products focused on this technology, which promises a kind of revolution in fields such as entertainment consumption. And education, for example.

Conclusion about the tost important technology news

Google is changing the world day by day. I hope you enjoyed the most important technology news.


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