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The Most popular social media sites in 2020

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Most popular social media

The most significant percentage of current internet traffic destined for secure social networks; this is primarily due to the innate need of human beings to relate and communicate with their peers, which significantly limits modern life.

These networks supply, in some way, social isolation and the lack of friction that development and modern life bring.

Of course! It also encourages participation in these sites, the ease they offer to meet people and establish friendly relationships with people who have likes and interests similar to ours. If you are searching for Most popular social media in 2020. Then you are in the right place. In this I’ll try to describe about this topic.  so, Let’s start.  



Getting know: Most popular social media and recommended social networks on the network

Most popular social media


Here is a list of these social networks, which can be very useful for those who are just beginning to explore the internet and for others, as there are recently emerging sites, not so well known but very successful.

In all cases, a short description of each network is offered, with its characteristics, participation requirements, if any, and the links to access and register.

They ordered according to the traffic, according to Alexa, and the popularity of each one.



YouTube is a free online storage site, where it is possible to upload to share, view, comment, search, and download videos.

It is one of the several services that Google offers.

It is prevalent thanks to the possibility of easily hosting personal videos. It has a wide variety of clips from movies, television shows, and music videos.

Today it has become a complement to television.


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Facebook is the most successful, well-known, and popular social network on the internet.

It is a social tool to connect people, discover and create new friends, upload photos, and share links on external pages and videos.


Why the enormous success of Facebook?

Facebook’s popularity has several causes, some of which are:

  • The ease of sharing content, be it links, photos, or videos.
  • The almost unlimited possibility of uploading pictures.
  • The simple interface, even for the user not experienced in web browsing.
  • The ease of becoming a member and creating an account.
  • The ease added by the chat, never seen, which means that there is no need for a third-party tool to communicate in real-time.
  • The integration of messages and emails.
  • The recommendations of new friends, often correct.
  • Successful fan pages were beneficial to businesses, companies, and brands.
  • The possibility for developers to create applications to integrate them and earn money for it.


Clearly These and many other factors make Facebook the preferred network, both for individuals, businesses, and companies, even for spam.

It is the most visited site on the internet after Google and YouTube.



LinkedIn is a network-oriented to business and to share professionally.

The vast majority of companies from more than 200 countries represented in it. Indispensable for professional promotion and very useful for searching and sharing technical and scientific information.



Those who are working in online they know the value of social media. It is source of various perpose. It is the source of business as well. I hoor now you know about Most popular social media in 2020.     


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