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Best Way to Sell a Car For Cash in Christchurch

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If you are wondering what is the best way to sell a car for cash in Christchurch, you are in luck because we have put together the best options to sell a car. Selling a car for cash in Christchurch can either be a very quick process or a lengthy one depending on what path you choose. Keep on reading to find more about your options.

Selling a car privately in Christchurch

The first option is selling your car on your own which means a private sale. For this, you will have to come up with a descriptive ad with all the essential information on your car. It is a good idea to include all the damages/problems with the car so that the buyer doesn’t low-ball you during the inspection. It is also a good practice to wash/detail your car pre-inspection. A clean interior and exterior will attract the right buyer. With a private sale, the advantage is that you can get the amount you want for your car. However, it is a lengthy process to sell a car through online ads. Too many time-wasters and you will be fed up with unreasonable offers. If you want to go through the hassle, by all means, a private sale could be for you.

Selling a car at a dealer

Selling a car to a dealer is very quick and easy. They will buy most cars as long as they are not damaged extensively. However, with the quick and easy sale, there is a catch. Dealers are known to pay far less than the market value of your car since they are in it to make a profit. So lower your expectations when it comes to the price you will get for your car at a dealer. Every way of selling has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selling to a dealer is a matter of convenience for many people. Often people have another car in mind at the same dealer and one has to exchange a car. By doing this at the same company you will of course save time.

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A disadvantage that we have just mentioned is the relatively low price that you often get at the dealer. Your car is a commodity for a dealer and it is his intention to earn as much as possible from the resale of your car. For that reason, the amount of the amount offered is often low.

Moreover, selling your car to a dealer who receives a commission percentage on the resale of your car is not free. Depending on the percentage you agree on, you pay a certain amount for the sale of your car.

Selling a car to a car buyer in Christchurch

Best way to sell a car for cash in Christchurch is using a car buyer service such as Kiwi Cash For Cars. We buy every car because customer satisfaction is paramount, so you can always contact us with cars that may not be bought anywhere else. You can think of cars with a lot of kilometres on the odometer damaged cars. We will pay cash for it regardless. For example, a Holden with over 200.000 kilometres is welcome at Kiwi Cash for Cars. Partly because of this, our customers have positive experiences. We buy cars ourselves, so there are no unknown intermediaries (read dealers or dealers) where you have to deliver your car. This distinguishes us from other players in the market where your car is offered at multiple dealers: we buy cars. If you are looking for where to sell your car urgently because you need the money, at Kiwi Cash For Cars we buy cars of all brands and we do it quickly and comfortably for you. We offer you the most approximate price of the value of your car and if you decide that it interests you, we transfer your money instantly, without waiting.

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