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China Takes Preventive Measures to Fight Bubonic Plague

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Bubonic Plague

The China government issued a warning after finding that there was a confirmed bubonic infection in a city of Mongolia. The authorities started to take several safety measures to prevent the disease as this could dead to a Bubonic plague and result it another pandemic.

State confirmed that the patient of Bayannur  is a herdsman and is now out of danger. He is still in the isolation  period. Global Times of China reported that the authorities were suspecting another case of bubonic plague.The plaque is treatable with ease now but it was considered one of the deadly diseases worldwide many years earlier.

There is no information how this disease has contaminated the patient’s body yet. A hospital in Urad Middle Banner of Bayannur reported the first infection of bubonic plagues.

According to Global Times there was a 15 year old girl who met with this infection.  She came to exposure with a dead marmot. The former animal was killed by a dog. This girl is the second suspected patient of bubonic plague.

The authorities have prohibited killing specific animals. Officials said that consuming those animals meat can spread the disease. They have announced level 3 alert till year end and requested people to report if there is any suspected infections.

What is Bubonic plague

There were almost 50 millions deaths over Asia, Europe, and Africa during 14th century due the Bubonic plague.  A certain bacteria caused that dreadful pandemic. The incident called Black Death was remarkably feared worldwide.

The epidemic saw casualties of one-fifth of people in London in 1665 at the time of Great Plague. There were rarely such huge surge since then. India and China saw saw such wave of deaths in the 19th century due to this.

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Antibiotics now can cure this disease. The survival rate is 30% to 60% for untreated people. The bacteria goes from animal bodies to humans by contact of fleas. The symptoms of the disease are weakness, high fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck, groin or armpit, chills and nausea.

Is there a chance of another Bubonic epidemic?

The contaminations of bubonic plagues are now hardly there. Health authorities have found one or few infections rarely. The death toll reached to 30 people in Madagascar as the Lancet reported. The infection spread over 300 patients during the surge in 2017.

Mongolia reported two similar cases like this in the previous year. Those two patients died because of the plague. They had eaten marmot’s raw meat. There is no potential sign of another epidemic due to Bubonic Plague.

Dr. Shanti Kappagoda of Stanford Health Care  said that the scenario is not same as the 14th century as medical research knows now more about the disease. She is doctor of infectious diseases. She added that appropriate antibiotics can cure the plague and also there are measures of prevention.

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