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What you need to break into recruiting and staffing industry

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recruiting and staffing industry

Recruiting and staffing is a half a trillion-dollar industry worldwide that continues to grow at a rapid pace.  

The industry is competitive but is an extremely rewarding career. Every year, thousands of people get employed in this industry helping people build their careers. If you are looking to break into the industry, here are some key things to help you get started. 

  1. Invest in Recruiting agency ATS & CRM

For recruitment and staffing agencies that are just starting out, speed is your ultimate weapon. Investing in the right tools for your business like recruiting agency ATS & CRM will not only make your processes more efficient but also helps you amplify your productivity. 

ATS:  An Applicant Tracking System will help your agency streamline the recruiting process. It provides you with a single platform to easily create and post job vacancies, organize and filter through your applicant database, and track your candidates through the entire recruiting process. Recruiters can efficiently find and hire the best talent without manually screening candidates, saving you plenty of time. 

CRM: A Customer Relationship Management system is designed to strengthen relationships between recruiters, clients and potential job candidates. It lets you create talent pools, manage candidate and client pipelines, and helps you personalize your communication.

The two tools serve different purposes but complement each other.  ATS keeps your data organized, accessible and allows for speed and efficiency while CRM systems help nurture and maintain strong relationships with candidates. The combination of both can help your agency make better, data-driven recruitment decisions and effectively drive business growth. 

Recruiterflow offers the combined capabilities of both ATS and CRM software with a user-friendly interface to efficiently set up and run your recruiting and staffing business. 

2. Build your website 

A good website is an integral part of your business. It is the center of your online presence and the public face of your agency. Often, it is also the first point of contact for new clients and candidates. A well-designed website should highlight your agency’s services and clearly represent your brand. This will encourage new clients, candidates, and recruiters to work with you. A well set up and user-friendly candidate portal will encourage candidates to apply to multiple vacancies on your job portal, creating a talent pool of candidates for your business. When a client provides a job vacancy that matches a candidate’s profile, your recruitment consultants will already have contact information available to effectively make faster and better quality hires. 

Your website can also be utilized to showcase positive client and candidate feedback, which will help build trust with new clients who come about your business. 

3.  LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has become a must-use tool for all working professionals. With a huge network of professionals, the platform can be used to your agency’s advantage. Once you create your company profile, you can use the platform to share information about your services, post career opportunities, source talent and post engaging content that will resonate with your followers such as blog posts, articles, and videos. 

Although Linkedin is free to use, you could choose to upgrade to a paid recruiter pro account or opt for a LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite license. These upgrades will give you access to the entire LinkedIn network, allowing you to search, filter, and contact LinkedIn members who may be a good fit for your client’s open roles.  

4. Find Your Niche

As a new business trying to break into the industry, you need to find your specialist area. Based on your network, knowledge and resources, you could decide to be a Finance or IT-focused agency.  Recruiting for a niche market allows you to devote all your resources to a narrow specialized field, build a good network of candidates with targeted skill sets, and effectively become a recruiting expert in your industry. 

Choosing a niche also limits your competition and boosts your chances of success. Instead of competing with every recruiting and staffing firm in your area, you only need to compete with those that provide a similar service as you. 

5. Build your network 

Networking is an essential skill for any business, and especially so for new recruiters looking to break into the industry. While building online connections on platforms like LinkedIn is important, connections built in person are even more significant. Networking will help you find new businesses to work with and maintain relationships with your existing clients.  

Encourage recruiters in your agency to attend networking events and conferences, especially those that include your target niche. This will help you connect with the right people, get the word out about your new business and the services you provide. Building a broad network of professionals within your niche industry will also help you source candidates faster, get referrals and improve the quality of candidates in your pipeline. 

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