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Vietnam Criticizes China’s Naval Activities Over South China Sea

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Vietnam criticized China for doing military drills in the disputed part of the South China Sea. They said this move of China could affect the relations between both countries and ASEAN. Delfin Lorenzana, the Defence Secretary of Philippine also accused China that its military movements in the disputed waters are provocative.

The foreign Ministry of Vietnam said that China is violating the jurisdiction. They would counter the move as it is destroying the relationship between Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Beijing.

The Hainan’s Maritime Safety Administration announced on June 27, that China has begun to force a five day military drill since June 24 around Paracels. Philippine and Vietnam reacted after this movement. Vietnam also claimed Paracels.

The governments of Vietnam and Philippines called this drill very provocative as it shows disregard to the International Maritime Boundary rules.

Why did China make this move?

China demands remarkable jurisdiction of the disputed South China Sea, claiming 80% of the region. Hanoi and Manila expressed their concerns about Chinese movement on the increasing insecurity in the disputed water at the ASEAN summit which was held last Friday. They also added that Chinese government did these provocative naval drills using a coronavirus pandemic as a distraction. China claiming the disputed water region was criticized vigorously.

Chinese military movement could destroy the relationship between ASEAN and China. Lorenzana said that though the Philippines has no such claim over the Paracels , China’s military drills was very unacceptable.

The foreign ministry of Vietnam tried diplomatic talk with China. Le Thi Thu Hang, Vietnamese spokeswoman said that they clearly conveyed that Vietnam is strictly opposing China’s naval activities on the South China Sea as it is violating the country’s jurisdiction. She also added that the whole violation is destroying the relationship between ASEAN and China. The move is very detrimental. Moreover, there was a fishing boat which was sunk by China’s surveillance vessel. China accused Hanoi of having illegal naval claims and it is bound to fail.

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