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Let’s help you in buying your dream home

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Let’s help you in buying your dream home

Finding a home of your choice is not very easy. There may be many homes for sale but finding the right home to buy involves a long process which should not be rushed into.

To find the best home for you, the suitable tools are the websites, which deal with property ads and additionally you also need other tools to calculate about the cost you would like to pay as registration and other monthly payments. There are hundreds of websites which deal with properties. Some are available free while many are premium websites which charge around 1% of the value of the property. These websites will help you in determining which are the new homes for sale in your nearby locality.

You should choose the right one because many websites are not genuine. Some premium websites verify the credentials of the sellers before allowing them to post an ad.

In addition to the websites, you need to have some additional tools to calculate the taxes and interest amount you need to pay when you buy a house.

Best tools to use

1. Tax Websites

When you wish to buy a home, you also need to know the additional cost, you are going to pay for the property. It varies as per the property value.

You need to visit some government websites which will give all the necessary details involved in buying a home.

2. Mortgage Calculator

This will be handy when you intend to buy through a mortgage. Before investing in any property, you should clearly know how much you can afford to pay every month as installments.

There are many apps which will clearly help to help to calculate your monthly outflow. These apps also list new homes for sale in your preferred locations.

3. Camera

You cannot rush and buy a home in one visit. Owing to your busy schedule, you may not be able to visit the house site again and again for clarification. It is better to buy a good digital camera and record the details of the home and its surrounding areas. You will surely get clarity when you go through the pictures leisurely and help you to make an unbiased decision.


This website is all about cell phones. Other websites give additional features to use in mobiles, this website is totally dedicated to cell phone apps. This app can be viewed in all models of phones and comes handy to search homes even when you are walking or in a restaurant.


It is a property site featuring more than thousands of listings. Most of the listings are from property consultants. It has a search box cluttered with a lot of advertisements. It has listings from all over the U.S. The website is very well designed with all necessary features on the sides. It has Live Maps display which helps you to locate the properties easily. All the details of the listed property are clearly displayed.

Its website has all the necessary information to buy a home. It has tax information, mortgage rates, rate of interest calculators and all information needed to guide a buyer. A buyer need not search other websites regarding the registration of property and the legalities involved in buying a home. You can find new homes for sale just by sitting at your home.


It is a neat website which provides all the basic information regarding purchasing a property. When you search for a property, it clearly gives all the properties listed in that area, additionally, it also provides the services available in and around that area. It gives information. Its outlay is different from other websites which offer real estate services. about schools, hospitals, restaurants and any other essential features in the locality you wish to buy a property.

It is a great feature with Google Maps, and you can select a property based on the services available. You can decide whether you need a house in a crowded area with basic amenities or a property situated in a purely residential area. The only negative feature is the number of listings. It has fewer listings than other websites.


Trulia has a fantastic design, a long list of properties and additionally, it gives advice regarding the property you like to buy. It has a well-displayed search box, with additional listings in the area you have already looked at. It has the same good features of some prominent websites and additionally it has Google Display Views. This feature does not only pinpoint the property but can also give you the idea of how the house looks like. It saves time by displaying the view of the house because you can avoid going there if you do not like the external features of the house.

The website has properties listed from some prominent localities and the display time is faster than some websites. The best feature it has is the page which describes the locality and the community in that area. It is a very good feature which describes the type of people who stay in the area you intend to buy a house.

8. Redfin.com

This website has all the features of various websites put together; in addition, it helps you by providing the details of property consultants of that area. In all cities, the company has its own agents who will guide you in the process of buying a home. It also guides you in the entire process of buying a home, taxes, mortgages and the method of choosing a lender and the guidance to finalize a deal.

9. ZipReality.com

It is a free mobile app. This website requires free registration before starting any search. It has more than a million houses in its sale list. This app has all the best features available to view a house before visiting the actual site. Individual photos of the home and its surroundings are available in the app.

10. Google Maps

This has the best features to locate a house wherever you want. It has features which offer walking directions and Street view. Apart from locating a house, it has an additional feature which lists the houses that are for sale in any locality you want to visit. It provides all the necessary details about the house for sale with its own street view.

Buying a home is not a short-term process which could be completed in a few days. The amount involved is huge and you would be investing your entire saving in a house, so use the best tools listed to invest in a house you wish to live for the rest of your life.

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