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Using Cannabidiol for Pain in 2019

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Using Cannabidiol for Pain in 2019

The recent buzz surrounding CBD oil and the many health benefits associated with taking it is becoming mainstream. In fact, many people are looking into how CBD oil can help them alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, stress and more. Physicians are becoming more familiar with using cannabidiol for these applications and understanding how it really works. All of this will benefit the people looking for relief in the long-run and is already ready making a big impact on patients across the nation.

How CBD Oil Can Reduce Pain

Since pain affects just about everyone alive today, its no wonder the interest in cannabidiol to treat pain is so high. It is a well-known fact that cannabinoids (CBD) can reduce inflammation naturally, without intoxication. This is because its an anti-inflammatory compound by nature, and also affects the endocannabinoid system in human beings, which is responsible for inflammation response.

Of course, inflammation isn’t the only cause for pain and CBD works in other ways as well. By calming the body on a cellular level, naturally, cannabinoids help the body work more efficiently. Over-time, CBD can also change the way you feel from within your spirit by reducing stress and anxiety which can contribute to pain symptoms, or make them much worse.

What The Experts Are Saying!

So, if CBD oil can really reduce pain, then what do board-certified physicians say about it? Since 31 states allow legalized marijuana in 2019, it’s safe to say that many doctors have good experience using CBD oil to treat pain.

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Certified Pain Doctors

This is more evident when you take a look at specific practices which specialize in this type of medicine. For example, South Florida Pain Management are medical marijuana doctors located in North Palm Beach, FL. They are using state-approved dispensary grade CBD oil to help patients deal with everyday pain.

Since medical marijuana is legal in Florida, there have been just under 1 Million patients approved in the first year. Many are Veterans with life-long pain, and other neurological issues as well.


There are some neurologists in Florida that utilize medical marijuana, and CBD oil together, to harness the best possible pain-relieving outcomes to patients. Not only can this medical cocktail be effective for pain, but it can also help patients overall quality of life, which is priceless to those in debilitating pain.

Brittish Medical Journal

Recently released studies by the British Medical Journal shows that both cannabinoids in marijuana, CBD, and THC, show effectiveness in treating pain. Moreover, they state that marijuana-derived medications have a low risk of addiction.


No matter why you’re interested in CBD oil your on the right track doing research to learn more. The information is out there and is really easy to find these days. With so many states going legal, it’s just a matter of time before you see CBD oil being sold at a dispensary, or pharmacy near you.

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