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Reasons Why You Need to be on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the largest social media site of professionals in the world with more than 610 million professional accounts that make it a perfect platform for individuals and corporations for network connections and job opportunities. It is a great place for individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons such as to build strong connections in the market, advertisement of new products/services, generate leads, build a brand online and to hire or get hired, etc.

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for an open position or a business running its operations with more than 100 employees, LinkedIn can be a game changer for all. In this article, I have listed some solid reasons to be on LinkedIn.

It Helps Build Trust

Either it is a full-time employee, freelancer or small business owner, building trust in the industry is vital for everyone and LinkedIn could be the perfect place to build strong trust. As Uber tells you about the driver who is coming to pick you for a booked ride, LinkedIn can provide all the essential details about someone who are you going to recruit or seal a business deal with. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it is an open social media platform for professionals and its recommendations can be valuable for both individuals and organizations.

Brand Building

As the online brand building is essential for everyone in this digital age, LinkedIn could be the best companion in your brand building strategies. Whether you are offering reliable services as a freelancer or running a business with a huge workforce, it can help you put your brand on a professional map. However, one needs to update the LinkedIn profile with all essential details like profile picture, summary, qualifications (for individuals), vision (for companies) and expertise, etc. to create a great professional impact on followers. It will help recruiters, business owners, individuals and job seekers perceive you as an authority in the industry and also help them understand who you are and what you can do for them.

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More Website Traffic and Increased Leads

According to digital marketers, LinkedIn is more effective for getting more website traffic than any other social media site. As it is the largest social media site for professionals, it provides almost 64% views to the business websites that can double the leads of a business or company. One can also use a reliable LinkedIn automation tool to increase ROI by automating business marketing on LinkedIn.

Top Talent Recruitment

Recruitment has been made easier by LinkedIn as it is full of the recruiters a job seeker. It is one of the best and commonly used talent solutions that businesses of all sizes can make use of to quickly fill their open positions with top talent. It can help small businesses and giant organizations to attract the best-qualified candidates for open positions and jobs.

Employees and Companies Background Check

As most of the companies advertise open jobs and positions in public, candidates can check the background and status of the company or business before submitting a job application. Companies can also check the skills, expertise, and qualification of an applicant by visiting their LinkedIn profile for verification. In results, the recruitment processes can be made easier than ever to hire the best matches for available jobs and positions.

Increase Business Exposure

Just like other social media platforms, making a business profile on LinkedIn can help your existing and potential customers to follow your brand or company. It will help them receive new product updates, business information and other details related to your business/brand on their smartphones. In results, you can keep them engaged with your business more effectively. By creating a company profile on LinkedIn, you can share updates and useful content with your customers like a periodic press release, latest offers, and open positions, etc. In simple words, LinkedIn could be the best place for you to increase business exposure in many ways.

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