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How to Promote And Sell Hand-Made On Instagram

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The most important thing for promoting and selling your hand-made is that it must be super quality.

It does not work to promote low-quality products, no matter how hard you try. This refers to the hand made more than to other niches, since the competition is quite high, and it is easier to go to another, and it’s not a fact that it will be more expensive.

Photo quality

One of the common mistakes of this area is horrible photos.

When they show me a handmade account in 2019 with photos of the product laid out on the floor, I am speechless.

Today it is extremely important to make candy out of the content, which will please the eye.

If earlier we talked about the quality of the product, and everything else is secondary.

Today, high-quality content has been added to the quality of the product, since users in social media face exactly the content. And then they either react to it, or go further, without knowing about the super quality of the product.

The photo

Phones today are capable of producing pictures with acceptable for Instagram quality. But if you do not want to learn the art of mobile photography yourself, although this is quite a useful skill in the 21st century, but you have enough resources, you can hire photographers.

There are only two options:

– hire a photographer

– learn by yourself

Do not ask me about courses on mobilography, there are a lot of them in the public domain, anyone who wants can find and learn to make a picture that pleases the eye, of course, perhaps not the first time.

If you decide to work with the photographer, make the content immediately a month in advance.

Text to posts

Your text should have a unique shade of narration, and capture the attention of users. You need to understand that hand-made items are usually not essential goods, which means that they are bought only when the users’ attention is focused on your content.

For this purpose, stories are invented, unique “buzzwords” inherent only in your speech, which will set you apart from the rest.

Each of you is unique with your words colloquially. Write exactly as you say with the same mistakes, words and sentences.

This style of presentation is not suitable for everyone. But hand-made accounts usually do not constitute large businesses, which means that the submission from a specific person will be more appropriate and attractive than an impersonal text.

The first and only

Present your product as the first and only one in your niche and strive for it in reality. It is important to continuously raise the bar in the quality of the product and to ensure that it is fully reflected in your content, i.e. increase in quality and product and content.

Reinvest earnings in advertising

This is more common among small businesses that suddenly fire. The “hungry” owner begins to pull out all the money to the maximum, which hampers development and ruins his business.

Usually, the development of the hand-made begins with a budget close to zero, and here the most important thing is, having earned the first money, correctly reinvest them further, picking up the speed of development.


If your product is unique, you can view the audience of your competitors, and drag the audience with buy Instagram followers by better packaging your account and your UTP. Mutual PR with other hands after you became known. You pick up adjacent hand-made niches and offer to make collaborations with them, release joint sets, advertise each other and exchange the target audience.

Select bloggers and work with them on a barter basis.

If this is a worthwhile blogger, and you are engaged in products with a unique design, for example, the same gingerbread or painting jeans, covers, then you can make a unique design for the blogger and agree on barter.

Custom design products are valued at a much higher rate, and even the most impenetrable blogger may want your product, since, by nature, many people tend to own exclusive things. Sometimes bloggers agree to such products, whose advertising costs are several times higher than the cost of your product.


If you are focused on regions, try crops in city public. Especially true before the holidays, while in the advertising post, try creative offers that will attract attention. The task is to force the user to go to your account, which will keep the potential buyer off.


Contests in the niche of the hand made work very well, but only when your product has gained some popularity on the net. Otherwise, participants will not understand the value of your offer.

Targeted Advertising

If your product is a gift, then it is definitely worth running targeted ads on guys in a relationship whose girls have a birthday soon, girls whose guys have a birthday soon. (Target on Instagram / Facebook allows you to customize this way).

On the same audience to run advertising with holiday offers, which will clearly hint at a gift for the second half.

If the product is not a gift, still target your target audience to your product. Most hand-made items come in at a target, even in a cold one, provided that there is an adequate check and hit the target audience.

Handmade promotion on Instagram, painstaking but creative work. At the same time try to keep away from competitors both in the product and in the content, then your success will be just around the corner ….


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