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How To Install A Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade

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When you want to install a stainless steel balustrade in your home or office, you need to understand how these products work. This is a slightly different installation than you would use with a wood banister, and you must make sure that you follow each step to get the best results. Stainless steel balustrades are beautiful, clean, and modern. You will save a lot of money on products, and they will last for a very long time.

How Do You Choose The Proper Balustrade?

You can shop for Miami stainless online wire balustrade products until you find the construction that you like best. Some of these products are made almost entirely of wire, and others use only a bit of wire to make your balustrades look much more solid. There are large bars that cover the top and bottom rail, and you will have decorative wire in the middle.

The simplest balustrades have wire under the top rail, and they take up much less space. In essence, you need to decide how much area you want to cover with the balustrade, and should measure twice before ordering.

The Posts Are Bolted To The Floor

The posts must be bolted to the floor using a heavy drill, bolt, and you will use a special brace that is screwed into the floor. All the bolts are screwed into the supports, and you will twist the posts until they are tight. You must line up the balustrades so that the holes in the posts are pointing the right direction. Once you have all the posts in the ground, you can start installing the rails.

Add The Rails

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You can line up the top rails with the holes in each post. The bolts in these rails will slide into each post, and they can be screwed into place until the contour on the rail lines up. You can make the rails fit into place, and you will create a seamless design that looks as though it was soldered together by an expert. People who come over cannot tell when one post ends and the rail begins.

Add The Wires

You can add wires to your balustrades by pulling them through each post. The wires will need to fit through the same hole in the same position until you read one of the largest posts. These wires have their own bolt that will be screwed into a large post, and you can feed each wire through every hole until you are finished. Make sure that you have screwed the wires into place tight so that they are not flopping around.

Can You Twist The Wires Or Create A Nice Design?

You can twist the wires or create a design out of the wires when you are feeding them through each hole. If the posts do not have holes, you may need to twist the wires even tighter so that they do not go anywhere. Plus, you can criss-cross the wires when you do not have any post holes to run through. You can create an interesting design, and you can make the design look even more modern.

Do The Rails Come With Pads?

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If you get a balustrade with pads, you can add them at the end. Some balustrades have a cover that fits in the middle of each rail, and you can add these pads to each rail when you are finished with the installation. If you do not have pads, you need to make sure that you have cleaned the rails regularly. Stainless steel will not rust, stain, or splotch, but it needs to be cleaned regularly.


When you want to add balustrades to your home or office, you can use these tips to install the rails properly. You can make your space look much more modern, and you will create a brand new look just by changing the balustrades. You can open the space around your steps, and you will make the building look like it was designed yesterday. You can update your home or office, and you can install these products on your own. Plus, you can order them in unique colors that match the interior design of your home or office.            

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