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Desk Wire & Cable Management Tips for Home Office

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Nobody likes clutter around their desk when they’re trying to be organized, look professional, and make their home office look complete and tidy. When you’re wanting to achieve these goals, you may have cables and wires from your computers, desk lamps, and computer accessories. Even charger cords can get in the way when it comes to this, and the worst culprit? If you have desktop computer speakers, these are one of the most frequent items that can get tangled and cause more wires. In this guide, we’ll help you to eliminate that discrepant desktop clutter issue with some awesome alternatives. Even the way you position items can help with cable management.

Use Wireless Accessories

If you don’t mind spending the money on batteries (rechargeable batteries are recommended for wireless devices because they last longer and you can recharge them), use items like wireless mice, keyboards, and even Bluetooth if possible. These items can greatly help improve the look of your desk and offer sleek design solutions as well.

Use Furniture With Built-In Cable Management

Some computer desks and office furniture already has the holes where they need to be in order to feed your cables through, so you can minimize clutter and increase efficiency by having everything you need in one space.

Conceal Under-Desk Cords

Some furniture can have areas where you can mount your power strips underneath your desk or you can even attach a wire tray. It’s never more frustrating to be in the middle of a project and end up hitting the power strip with your foot, either unplugging it or hitting the switch (or unplugging your PC, losing all of your work that was unsaved). By concealing your power strips in boxes, or special hanging baskets, and even just mounting them to the wall or under your desk, you can save time, money, and make everything look nice and neat while being out of the way. That is the benefit of an under desk cable manager.

Consider Desktop Clips

For a cheap solution, you can keep your cords right where you need them easily by using cable clips. While they’re normally for other cable management applications, you can attach things like your phone charger, headset cable, and more and keep it right there within arm’s reach.

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Cable Sleeves

You can use cable sleeves to minimize clutter as well and keep cable’s somewhat organized or together. If all else fails, there are DIY methods of making them, or even cheaper, you can always wrap the cables with electrical tape for some quick and cheap cable management.

Are DIY Solutions Better than Purchased Ones?

This is actually a debatable topic, but many gamers, home office users, and other professionals can honestly say that the methods you choose are totally up to you. One thing you can do is color coordinate your cords. You can buy special labels that are designed for cables, or find unique ways to label them yourself (some people have been known to use labeled zip ties for example for a cheap solution to managing cables). You can buy specially made “cable bones” or even make your own out of a little rubber mat, some scissors, and even some glue. It all just really depends on what you want to do as far as spending money or time.

Custom DIY Cable “Clips”

If you want to save even more money (of course all you have to do is sacrifice a little time really), you can get a silicone putty called Sugru (there are other brands of this type of putty too). You simply mold it in a ball, stick the putty on your desk and push a groove into it with a toothpick. Let it dry and set, and you can have a custom-colored cable clip. This is actually a great way to organize your cables similar to the above method by organizing them by color.


If you’re trying to make your office space look the best, try to also have designated areas for things like drinks, etc. You don’t want your office desk to be full of soda cans and chips, as many entrepreneurs’ desks have been seen when they’re working hard. If you have your computer desk with your office equipment on it, and want to minimize clutter as well, try making sure that you use any other method to hide cables, and even increase space. Positioning your items properly on your desk can also greatly improve the tidiness of your desk and make it look like you have more room on it.

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