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Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

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Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the practice of generating genuine traffic to a website through natural and organic search engine results. For brands targeting the young audience of today, having a strong digital presence is very important. The SEO rankings of a website plays crucial role in getting new business leads and increasing sales. There are many digital marketing companies in Kolkata who can help businesses to formulate powerful SEO strategies.

More than 53% of the world’s population is consuming media through digital platforms. The popularity of smart phones has revolutionized the market place. For majority of consumers today, the purchase cycle starts with an internet search. SEO rankings are important for a business because the answers that we get in our search engine results can influence our buying decisions. For example, if we want to buy a new car, the brand that comes up first on the search results will have a higher chance of being picked by the consumer. More number of businesses today are hiring a SEO company in India because when consumers see a product or brand name come first on the search result pages, they are more likely to buy that brand. A higher SEO means that the website will be ranked higher among the search results.

The basic principle of achieving a higher SEO is to create fresh, unique and relevant content for your website. Content can be of many types – videos, blogs, social media posts, online reviews, and much more. To establish a strong presence in the digital world and increase their SEO ranking, businesses need to start producing engaging content that is useful for the consumer.

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Improvement in website content will result in improved SEO rankings. A higher SEO will lead to:

More Web Traffic

Smart and relevant data will help to bring more traffic to your website over time. When a SEO company in Kolkata looks after a business website, they will use smart keywords within the website content. As the quality of content improves, it will result in a higher SEO rank. Billions of people use search engines every single day. By being ranked highly on SEO, more numbers of the internet users can be directed to your site. This can be great for increasing the traffic that visits your website.

Higher Conversions

When a consumer makes a product search on the internet, in most cases, he is about to make a purchase decision. By developing relevant and useful content, a company can provide detailed information about their products and services which helps consumer to make an informed decision. Digital marketing companies in Kolkata can help businesses with improving their SEO ranking so they can be on top of search engine results. When a particular brand appears first in search results, that product has more chances to be chosen by the consumer for a purchase.

Brand Awareness

A higher SEO means that the company or business organization will always come among the top results in a search engine. This will lead to more visibility for the company or brand. To achieve this higher SEO, companies can engage in interesting content ideas like DIY videos or blog posts. Consumers always get attracted by unique and new content. If your website’s content can attract newer groups of audience, it will lead to a higher level of brand awareness.


Brand Image

In the digital world, a company’s website and SEO rankings are part of the overall corporate brand image. What Google says about a particular brand is bound to have a significant impact on what your target audience thinks about the brand. When consumers see a product’s name listed high among search engine results, they are more likely to trust that product. This helps to build trust among their target audience.

Cost effective

SEO is organic. There is no cost paid for any advertisement. When a company is ranked higher on search engine result pages organically, they can stop their other digital campaigns.  SEO is also much cheaper than advertising on television or print media. This reduces the company’s advertising cost.

Measurable results

SEO provides measurable and quantifiable results. A SEO company in  has the means to find out about a website’s ranking and other analytics like number of visitors, dwell time, bounce rate, etc. These insights are helpful for a business when planning a digital marketing campaign.

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