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What You Need to Know Before Accepting a DUI Plea Bargain Agreement

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Nashville is one of the most dynamic cities in the country, home to country music, and some of the most historic sites. Though the city has always been alive, several issues have been plaguing the community.

The growing number of DUI cases is one of the major problems faced by localities. A DUI case is a severe offense involving hefty fines, community service, or worse, jail time. When you need to get a court representation, it is crucial to seek the help of a qualified Nashville DUI lawyer. These professionals can bargain for a lower sentence based on the gravity of your offense.

The insides to a DUI plea bargain deal

Some people are afraid to face the consequences of their actions, including jail time or even hours of community service. Though a plea bargain may seem tempting to avert the effects of your misbehavior, the repercussions of a plea bargain are equally damaging.

Take, for instance, cases where someone was injured because of your misdemeanor. Most of the time, a plea bargain has harsher penalties compared to facing the sentence brought about by the hearing. Nonetheless, there are specific scenarios where a plea deal is preferable than ending up in jail or paying hefty fines.

Only a DUI lawyer can help you decide which works best for your situation. Here are some facts to a DUI plea bargain deal you need to know.

  • You are not required by law to accept a DUI plea bargain agreement. Certain situations arise where you are coerced to accept a plea bargain deal to get a lower sentence. But by law, you are not required to take a plea bargain, especially if you are a first-time offender.
  • A DUI plea bargain affects your public records and credit standing. Accepting a DUI plea bargain deal can hurt your public records. And it can affect your employment and credit standing. It is always better to talk with your Nashville DUI lawyer to ensure you are making the right choice.
  • Proper court representation is always necessary for DUI cases. Self-representation always tends to be damaging, not only on the outcome of the court case. Without adequate representation, penalties tend to be harsher than what you initially bargained.
  • Admittance of guilt in the face of the prosecutor is never a good idea. Most people who enter a plea bargain agreement tend to be unthinking because of excitement. A prosecutor hearing such a predicament will always get the upper hand and possibly withdraw such motions. Only admit your guilt when having private talks with your lawyer or where the plea bargain has been entered.
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When does a DUI plea deal work?

A plea deal usually occurs before the trial to save the courtroom from spending too much time and effort on the case. There are certain instances, though, that require the prosecution from entering a plea bargain deal with the defendant.

It is essential to understand that a plea bargain agreement is a form of compromise to resolve a DUI case faster. Plea negotiations are also a way to reduce penalties as a result of a court conviction. Nonetheless, everyone agrees on the punishment, and a resolution is reached to satisfy both camps.

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