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Scuba Education: 9 of the Best Wetsuits for Diving

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Scuba Education: 9 of the Best Wetsuits for Diving

Your wetsuit does more than just keep you warm 60 feet below the water’s surface. It also protects your skin from the sun, cuts, scrapes, and stings. Having your own wetsuit also means no more rentals—which is a pretty big deal for your wallet and peace of mind. (It’s true, everybody pees in their wetsuit!)

Finding the best wetsuits for diving can also be exhausting, with all the brands on the market. That’s why we’ve whittled down your search to nine of the tops brands out there.

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Choosing Between the Best Wetsuits for Diving

Among the best wetsuits for diving, you definitely want one that will hold up for years above all else. You also want one that slips right on and fits like a glove. Not to mention, it should be fast drying as well. (Slipping into a wet wetsuit is no easy feat!)

Before we get into our list of the best wetsuits for diving, let’s get into more detail about what you need to consider when choosing:

  • The Fit. A loose-fitting suit will allow too much water to flow in and out, causing you to get cold fast. Too tight, and you won’t be able to move much. Wetsuit fits are based on height, weight, and gender. So pay close attention to your measurements in accordance with the manufacturer’s sizing guide.
  • Comfort level. Your suit may feel a bit tight at first but remember it will loosen when it gets wet. Of course, it’s important to read any reviews you can find and also check for flexible panels around the joints and crotch area.
  • Thickness. Thickness equals warmth and measured in millimeters (mm). Make sure your purchase reflects the type of waters you’ll be diving in, especially if you plan on diving past the thermocline.
  • Seals. We’re not talking about the ones you may encounter in the water but the actual seals on the seams throughout the suit. Sealed wetsuits will be more pricey since they use a special glue to prevent water from seeping in at the seams.
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Now that you know what to look for in a scuba diving suit, we give you—in no particular order—our top nine:

#1 ScubaPro Everflex

Cost: $433

Type: Full

Thickness: 5/4 mm

Key Features: Diagonal zipper, glued seams, unisex

The Everflex was designed for scuba divers with a primary interest in comfort. It allows for a full range of motion during your dive, as well as plenty of warmth. One of its favorite features is the zipper due to its diagonal direction, making it easy to put on and take off.

This wetsuit was designed for both men and women and comes in a black/gray color scheme.

#2 Xcel ThermoFlex

Cost: $359

Type: Full

Thickness: 5/4 mm and up

Key Features: S-lock zipper, quadruple-glued seams, semi-dry

The Xcel ThermoFlex scuba suit was built to last with its quadruple-flued seams and blind stitching. It was also made with comfort and warmth in mind with its seamless dry-lock wrist seals and high-quality compression-resistant nylon II neoprene material.

Its S-lock zipper keeps out more water than your conventional suit, and it has specific models for males and females—as well as a range of thickness to choose from.

#3 NeoSport Neoprene

Cost: $82

Type: Full

Thickness: 3/2 mm

Key Features: Pull-tab zipper, adjustable collar, flexible knee pads

The Neosport Neoprene website gives you the most bang for your buck. It’s perfect for beginners, and despite having a 3/2 mm of thickness, it’s a versatile suit that can keep you warm in colder temperatures as well as mild ones.

This suit, in particular, is made more men but a female version is available.

#4 Henderson Thermoprene

Cost: $214

Type: Full

Thickness: 7mm

Key Features: #10 YKK back zipper with pull tab leash, glued seams

The Henderson Thermoprene suit is one of the best-selling wetsuits on the market today for its price and quality. Like most high-quality wetsuits the Henderson is made with nylon II neoprene material, which allows for better mobility.

It’s a cold water suit that’s durable enough to withstand friction from your regular diving gear. It has a contoured-fit with glued seams to maintain the perfect level of warmth on those cold water dives.

#5 Mares Flexa

Cost: $229

Type: Full

Thickness: 5/4 mm

Key Features: Pull tab leash, internal thermo-plush lining

The Mares Flexa was specifically designed for women’s’ bodies. The suit incorporates varying thicknesses of neoprene throughout for a snug fit, for warmth, flexibility, and durability. It also comes with an internal thermo-plush lining for a soft and smooth feel.

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This wetsuit comes in a range of thickness and offers suits for men.

#6 Bare Velocity

Cost: $174

Type: Full

Thickness: 3mm

Key Features: Pull tab leash, quick-drying material, ankle zippers

This Bare Velocity wetsuit has an ergonomic design for the perfect fit. It’s perfect for both comfort and performance. It’s made from a quick-dry material with stretch panels, PROTEK knee padding, and rolled ankle and wrist seals to keep water out. Not only is this wetsuit durable, but thanks to the ankle zippers it’s easy to get on and off.

#7 Cressi Playa

Cost: $54

Type: Short

Thickness: 2.5 mm

Key Features: Front zip closure, anatomical fit, high-stretch

The Cressi Playa wetsuit is a shorty but a goody—and it’s perfect for your tropical vacations. It’s also one of the most popular wetsuits for women due to its anatomical fit and high-stretch, ultra-span neoprene seals that provide comfort and warmth.

#8 Aqua Lung AquaFlex

Cost: $184+

Type: Full

Thickness: 3mm

Key Features: #10 YKK zipper, AquaFlex material, glued seams

The Aqua Lung wetsuit is made from AquaFlex neoprene which offers 3X the stretch compared to regular neoprene. This makes it easy to take the suit on and off. It allows provides a comfortable fit. What makes this wetsuit unique is that its high-quality material allows for the elimination of wrist and ankle zippers, allowing it to keep out even more water.

#9 O’Neill Explore

Cost: $134

Type: Full

Thickness: 3/2 mm

Key Features: #10 YKK zipper and Pull tab leash, Flex zones

The O’Neill Explore comes with a fit engineered with superior protection and maximum flexibility thanks to its Ultra-Flex DS neoprene material. This would include its Flex zones throughout the suit and its super neck seal and Glide-Skin-O-ring cuffs. For added warmth, this suit was also made with an insulating firewall chest panel, making it versatile despite its 3/2mm thickness.

Ready, Set, Get Wet!

The best wetsuits for diving are the ones that fit you and your dive-style. Not to mention, they keep you comfortable and moving through the water as if you belong there.

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