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5 Ways Lack of Sleep Can Hurt Your Work Performance

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5 Ways Lack of Sleep Can Hurt Your Work Performance

Can’t get work done?

It might be due to a lack of sleep. Whether you’re too busy at night or suffer from a sleep disorder, you’re sacrificing work performance.

How does sleep — or lack thereof — ruins productivity?

Let us clear the air and help you understand. Here are some ways lack of sleep affects your performance:

1. Slow Reaction Time

When you’re sleepy, it takes more time for your brain to react to situations around you. This makes it dangerous while commuting. You might not notice a change in traffic lights or a vehicle speeding your way, making it impossible for you to jump out of the way in time.

This affects you in the workplace too. You might have to make split-second decisions, especially if you work with a lot of numbers or physical labor.

2. Weaker Memory

Did you know sleep deprivation correlates to memory loss?

You can break down memory into three phases: acquisition, consolidation, and recalling that memory when needed. Sleep deprivation affects the brain’s ability to consolidate something.

This means you can learn new things but they won’t necessarily stick to your brain. You can’t recall something if it isn’t glued to your brain.

Of course, this can lead to productivity nightmares at work. If you lack a good night’s sleep, you might not be able to properly memorize new formulae, client details, or the important parts of your presentation.

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3. Lack of Focus

Another problem of a broken sleep cycle is that you can’t focus at work. You might feel too tired at work. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping at work and you won’t get anything done.

Even when your eyes are open, you might space out. How many times did you catch yourself staring blankly at your work, wishing you were back at home sleeping on your bed?

This lack of focus can also lead to poor job performance. You might be typing a report but since you can’t concentrate, you won’t notice you’re typing in gibberish. This forces you to start over, prolonging your work.

4. Emotionally Unstable

Ever snapped at a co-worker? Yes, it might partly be due to the quality of their work or something they said but your bad mood could also come from poor sleeping habits.

Mood swings could lead to arguments or misunderstandings at the workplace. This affects productivity and could lead to people no longer working together.

5. Susceptible to Illnesses

When you’re sleepy, your body has to exert more effort to keep you up and performing. If you keep this up, you might develop sleep apnea and weaken your body’s ability to fight off illnesses.

Learn how to fight sleep apnea and keep your body free from diseases. Visit this website here to discover more.

Get Some Sleep, Improve Work Performance Now!

Don’t let your schedule of activities or sleeping disorders prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. A lack of sleep can heavily affect your work performance and your relationship with the people at the office.

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Looking for more information about sleep and sleep deprivation? Feel free to go through our other posts today. We offer more guides to help you discover the information you need.

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