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How Long Does a MOT Take

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If you’ve never booked your car in for a MOT before, then how do you know how long it’s all going to take? Many people choose to drop their car at the garage first thing in the morning then pick it up again late in the afternoon. But is that really necessary? Timing of the Actual Test It will take a mechanic between 45 minutes and an hour to carry out the MOT test. There is a set process which they go through, checking off the various elements on the list as they go. If you are absolutely sure that your car will pass its MOT, then you might choose to hang around the garage while the mechanic works. The law also states that you have the right to watch as the MOT is carried out, but you’re not allowed to chat to the mechanic or ask questions. Alternatively, you might decide to go off, get a coffee and return after around an hour. If you’re planning to do this, make it clear to the garage that you’ll be waiting. They can then prioritize your car over people who won’t be returning until after they’ve finished work. Problems Encountered on Test Timings can slip considerably if the garage finds something wrong with your car and has to enter your MOT test result as a fail. Usually, the procedure is that the garage will ring you to let you know, so make sure you stay in contact. If your car fails, timings will depend on the reasons for the fail. If your car fails for a major fault but not a dangerous one, you can either agree that the garage fixes it, or collect the car and have it fixed elsewhere. The mechanic should be able to give a timescale for the repair when you discuss it over the phone. If it’s something simple like replacing a tyre or a wiper blade, it’s a quick fix which most garages should be able to do in a few hours. If you have a particularly unusual size of tyre, or the garage needs to order a part, it could be a day or two until the car is brought up to the required standard. If your car fails on a dangerous fault, then your options are more limited. A dangerous fault means you’re not allowed to drive the car on the roads until you have it brought up to standard. In these circumstances, you’ll have to speak to the garage about the repair, and how long it will take. The length of time for the fix will depend on what is wrong, and how busy the garage is with other work. You could choose to tow the car away or get it lifted on a trailer, but the cost of this usually means it’s not worth it. Retest If you have to have your car re-tested after a repair, this is a very quick process. The mechanic doesn’t have to repeat the entire test, just test the parts which failed first time round. your car maintenance services should be awesome for the longevity of the car.

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