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Do Games Make Employees More Productive?

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Video games are often seen as a way to pass time and encourage laziness. Additionally, nerds and tech geeks are the ones assumed to be spending ridiculous hours in front of a screen shooting, racing, or building something in the exciting world of video games. So, what is it about video games that keep people hooked? Researchers have found that playing video games can have positive psychological effects on gamers. Science has proven that playing the most influential video games helps to meet the basic human psychological needs. With this discovery, businesses are now adopting the idea of letting employees play video games in the work setting. Below are some reasons why.

  1. Increase cognitive performance

Taking a short break from work is always a good idea. What you do during that break, however, will, in most cases, determine how productive you are in the next few hours. It is hard for most gamers to quit playing a video game mid-level. To complete a level, you have to follow instructions of that level to the letter. Studies have shown that employees who play video games during their work breaks are better at completing tasks in the workplace. If you are looking to introduce casual gaming in the workplace, you can check here for some games.

  1. Boost creative output

The most common way to boost creativity in the workplace is brainstorming. According to research, gaming can improve the use of the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creativity. When playing a video game, you will take more risks than you would in real life. Additionally, the fact that you can restart a level in a video game helps in coming up with new and more creative ideas with the next life. Therefore, employees are bound to be more confident in sharing their unconventional ideas after playing video games.

  1. Boost employee morale
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Happy employees are efficient. While team building activities can be useful in enhancing team spirit, gaming can be just as effective. Playing video games is more of social activity. It is not as fun playing a game alone. Letting your employees play video games at work will not only boost team spirit but also encourage teamwork. Playing video games will allow employees to form and have relationships with each other, which results in productivity.

  1. Improve communication skills

According to research, employees who were new to gaming formed relationships quicker with others. Additionally. Gaming breaks have also seen an improvement in communication skills among employees. Communication improves when experienced gamers are explaining the rules or showing their colleagues how to navigate the game to the novice players.

Whether your business is decades old or a startup, introducing a gaming console in the office can help your business. It is important to acknowledge that gaming breaks can also be harmful, especially among employees who already relate well. This is because of the competitive nature of some video games. However, according to research, gaming breaks are still worth a try.

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