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Top 2019 Online Certificate Programs in Business Studies

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Online Certificate Programs

Enrolling in an online certificate is a good way to increase an individual’s knowledge and expand their skillset. Generally, certificate programs focus on a specific area of professional or academic study. Certificate programs can be a person’s springboard to further education or towards a career. There are many specialties and fields one can specialize in the world of business studies. An online business program will equip a student with a strong introduction to business theory and management, leadership as well as analytical, behavioral and professional skills.

Such skills are necessary for a person to succeed in any business career. An online certificate in business studies is a program that marks the entrance of a person into the business world and the various aspects associated with it. One can take courses like management, organizational behavior, administration and computing and business law depending on the program. earning a certificate in business studies is an opportunity many colleges, universities and vocational school offer across the world. such courses take anywhere from a few weeks to almost a year to complete depending on the school and type of program one chooses. costs for tuition and fees are also different from school to school and country to country.

Career opportunities in the world of business are almost unlimited since it encompasses different areas. A certificate holder in business studies could for instance work as an office manager or an executive assistant whose main role will be to provide support to executives, act as the gatekeeper in control of those with access to executives and researchers and composing reports used by executives to make business decisions. Besides that, a certificate could open up ways for one to earn a degree, masters and even a Ph.D. or a doctorate. Here are some of the best 2019 certificate programs in business studies one can pursue in 2019.

  1. Certificate in Business Administration

Business administration certificate is designed to prepare students with basic knowledge of business concepts that are needed for the current business environment which keeps changing. When a student gains the knowledge, skills and confidence after finishing this program, they can proceed for entry-level positions in various business settings.  Besides serving a strong starting point for pursuing an associate’s degree in business administration-accounting of management, this program is necessary to equip a student with skills needed for entry-level employment either as a customer service representative, marketing coordinator or a retail sales associate.

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Through this certificate program, students will be exposed to various business and management topics, practical tools and administrative skills that will help them deal with situations within the career of business. Students gain proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and spreadsheets, professional skills that are highly in demand by employers such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving and multitasking.as one earns their certificate, they can immediately use their training to advance their career while they pursue further education in areas like accounting, office technology and business management.

  1. Certificate in Business

A certificate of business sounds too general but is the ideal asset for a person starting their own company or progressing within their organization. It helps bolster personal knowledge of the main business strategies and practices in risk management. Such a program would apply mostly to people that are already working holding job titles such as program consultants, executive officers and program coordinators. People working in the mentioned roles might have substantial experience in business settings but still, require further development of their skills across a side range of business functions. Equally, a certificate of business can also apply to anyone that has little to no vocational experience but has prior sound theoretical business skills and knowledge they would love to further develop to create more educational and employment opportunities in future. While taking this online certificate, one studies various topics that include how to manage meetings, risk management, plan market research, project management, identifying marketing opportunities and advanced document design and development. The program takes up to12 months to complete online and can also be found on-campus. A person can later become a senior manager, program director or ahead of the department after graduating.

  1. Hospitality Business Management Certificate
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America’s industry of hospitality and tourism has been growing day in day out and the country is among the best ten most popular travel destinations in the world as ranked in the 2013 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. To maintain its competitiveness, the industry has continued expanding to accommodate the increasing reputation of the nation. A certificate in hospitality business management course will train students to excel in customer service and communication. In addition, students are molded into becoming good strategists in hospitality sales and marketing, they are taught food and beverages services and housekeeping and staff management skills among many more. Students get to graduate with hands-on training necessary for succeeding in this industry that requires one to learn how to deal with people from diverse cultures from across the world. Students can, therefore, seek opportunities as hotel managers, attractions manager, lodging managers or restaurant managers.

  1. Business and Digital Marketing Management Certificate

The digital, mobile and social media of the 21st century has changed how the businesses market, promote and sell their products and services as well as how they manage their client relations. The business and digital marketing management certificate program gives students a solid comprehension of the traditional business skills necessary for entry positions in business management and operation of a personally owned enterprise. The program explores social media and digital marketing platforms and tools together with the strategies, the selling and analytical practices which have evolved because of the exponential growth of digital media communication.  The program teaches essential knowledge and skills that will be needed to analyze, plan and execute e-media marketing campaigns as part of a strategy based on business digital marketing and management. Students after graduating will know the skill and business analytics required to make effective use of advanced digital tools and techniques essential to coming up with effective digital marketing strategies.

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