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3 Trends We Can Expect from the Future of Vaping

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that the amount of people smoking traditional cigarettes is on the decline and fewer people are smoking overall. What the numbers aren’t reflecting is the fact that many smokers have moved over to vaping as an alternative. Smokers view vaping as a less expensive and annoying alternative to traditional cigarettes that delivers the same satisfaction. Vaping is also a relatively new technology in terms of smoking alternatives and has lots of room for innovation going forward. Following are three trends that are likely to come to fruition as the world of vaping grows and expands.

Smaller Vaping Rigs

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Many vapers turn to the box mod vaping rig for the best possible experience. The box mods have larger battery packs that last longer and deliver a consistent stream of vapor due to battery strength. The problem with box mods is that they are large and bulky and not easy to carry around in a pocket for some. At issue is the fact that the box mods are larger due to the size of the batteries which are key to delivering a satisfying vapor and smoking experience.

This is most likely to change in the near future as more effort is put into box mod design. It’s predicted that the designers of vaping rigs and box mods will focus on ways to make the rigs smaller by reducing the size of the batteries while still delivering the same experience. Users benefit by having a rig that is easier to carry in a pocket or purse and won’t weigh as much.

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Improved Vape Tanks

The vape tank is where the magic happens. It’s where the e-liquid gets turned into vapor for delivery to the user. Unfortunately, the tank has weaknesses in the form of being made from materials that aren’t up to the repeated strain of use. And sometimes tanks are made from plastics that are prone to breaking when dropped. The future of vaping will bring improvement to vape tanks and the best vape tanks will be able to handle the strain of use and resist breakage.

Increased Variety in E-Liquids

Believe it or not, there’s still room for e-liquids to expand. Sub ohm tanks use more liquid than a traditional tank which gives rise to the possibility that e-liquid manufacturers will adapt with suitable products. Vapers who want to quit nicotine entirely, but keep smoking, will find more nicotine-free liquids on the market to satisfy the physical smoking habit without the active ingredient.

Vaping pods are popular for their convenience but are still in their infancy. Manufacturers are starting to come up with variations on the idea, and more pod-based products should hit the market in 2019.

Vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes is here to stay as more smokers uncover its benefits. Manufacturers will continue to improve upon the concept by creating new technologies, improving existing ones, and coming up with novel concepts to keep vapers interested.

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