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7 Incredible Gifts for Your Tech Savvy Best Friend

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7 Incredible Gifts for Your Tech Savvy Best Friend

With the holiday season coming up, it may be wondering what gifts to get for your friend. Every group of friends has that one person who is always up to date about the latest tech. Sometimes it can get really hard to buy a gift for such a person because there are so many options in the market, and if you don’t have an understanding of tech yourself, you can end up buying a bad gift. But do not worry; here we have prepared a list of items that would be perfect to buy for your friend, as a gift.

A Fit Bit

If your tech savvy best friend is also found to be a fitness enthusiast, then an excellent gift for them is to buy a fit bit. These amazing devices have GPS tracking, which can tell them the distance they run, and their speed, if they are running on a treadmill, the fit bit can also count the steps they have taken, while running.

The fit bit can also tell your friend their heart rate, stress levels, and the calories burned, so that they can optimize their workouts. Many of these fit bits also have a notification system for your phone, and have a music player in them, so that you do not have to keep your phone with you while working out.

Tickets to an Amazing Tech Convention

Anyone who is a real fan of modern and innovative technology will love this gift. These tech conventions have a lot of amazing new technology that has not even hit the market yet, and going to such a convention will allow your friend to get a taste of the tech of the future. You can plan a weekend trip to the convention with your best friend, and make it a fun and exciting vacation.

There are many tech conventions happening all across the US almost every weekend, but the best and most popular conventions are Google I/O, devWeek, Microsoft ignite, and PYcon. Believe me; this is one of the best possible gifts that you can give to your tech-loving best friend. It is the dream of every person, (who appreciates new and latest technology) to go to one of these conventions.

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A Set of Wireless Headphones

This is an excellent gift for a tech-loving friend who is also a big fan of music. There are many amazing wireless headphones available in the market at different price ranges, so that you can buy one that suits your budget.

Most wireless headphones connect with phones using Bluetooth, but there are also some wireless headphones that come with built-in MP3 players, so that you can listen to music even without your phone. These headphones are also great for people; who enjoy running and working out, as then, they do not get to have any annoying wires that keep getting in the way.

If you do not want to buy such friend headphones or your friend already has a set, you can also get them smart earplugs some of which even have music playback features, and are very comfortable and are great for noise canceling. There are many ear plug reviews on the web to help you make your choice.

An Amazon Gift Card

If you are having trouble deciding; what to get your friend and have gone through many options and just cannot make a decision, then a great option for a gift is an Amazon gift card so that your friend can get themselves something that they like. This is an excellent and simple idea that takes out the complications of making a tough decision.

So if you feel that it is out of your league, whilst buying tech commodities then just get an Amazon gift card for your friend. It is a very practical gift that your friend will appreciate way more than a bad one.

A Portable Battery Pack

One of the most annoying things that everyone has to face on a daily bias is their battery running out. As smartphones are getting unambiguously advanced, and more components are added to them every day, the space for large batteries is decreasing, which is why phones have such small batteries these days.

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A great gift that will be very practical and useful for your friend is a portable power bank. Your friends can use it to recharge their phone on the go, and it can also be used to power any other USB powered devices. An average power bank, when fully charged, can charge a phone more than once, depending, of course, on the size of the power bank and the battery of your phone.

A Gaming Mouse, Headset, or Keyboard

If your tech-savvy friend is also a fan of gaming, then you have a lot of options to gift them. You can get them an amazing gaming mouse or a gaming keyboard that will optimize their gaming experience.

There are also many gaming headphones available in the market that will make an excellent gift for your friend. These gaming devices are available at variable rates so that you can get one for your friend, according to your budget.

A Smart Robot Cleaner or Home Assistant

House maintenance is quite a boring task that almost no one enjoys, but still it is a task that has to be done. But instead of doing it yourself, you can have a cleaning robot that can clean the floors for you, significantly reducing the workload.

A smart robot cleaner is a great gift that you can give to a friend, who has an apartment and does not like to spend lots of time daily cleaning the floors, and the carpets. To make the process of house maintenance easier for your friend, you can also buy them a home assistant such as Alexa or google assistant that will help your friend a lot in maintaining their house effectively using voice commands.

So, here are some options for amazing gifts that will be both practical and enjoyable for a friend, who loves modern technology. Have a great day!

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