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How to Write Meta Descriptions that Boosts Your SEO

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As a user of the internet what do see when you search for some key words in Google? Have you must have noticed that there appears a title in blue colour fonts, then the url below in green and a small description (meta descriptions) in black fonts below the url? Does it appear like this:

meta descriptions

We are talking about this small description also referred to as snippets or meta tags! A meta description is an HTML element that defines and summarizes the subject matters or contents of your web page for the help of users and search engines. 

This snippet of text could possibly appear in the results of the search engine under the headline, though sometimes, search engines also pull a snippet of text from the main content of the page instead.

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Length of meta description

Though the length of meta description changes from time to time according to Google, depending on the usefulness of contents deemed by the systems, currently a meta description should ideally be a total of 155 characters. The first 110-130 characters should ideally have the necessary information including the keywords as this is the length that can also be viewed in the mobile platforms keeping in mind the mobile first policy adopted by Google.

Why meta descriptions matters?

They matter because they are very important for the search engine optimization or SEO for your websites.  The meta description works as ‘organic ad text’ which means that when the ad ranks for a keyword search, Google and other search engines will time and again show the meta description as a summary of the web page.

A gripping meta description has the authority to increase the ‘click-through rate ’ (CTR) and also helps to boost organic ranking on the search engine result page. This ultimately means that more people who will come across your web page in the search results will truly click through and land on the website bringing more traffic, even if your ranking stays the same!

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How to create the right meta description?

By focusing on creating the right meta description for your web page you can go about using the best techniques practiced by SEO specialists. Here is list of things you can follow and create your own compelling meta tags.

  • Create a good meta tag with the most proficient keywords associated with your content. Before doing so also check the most appropriate ones being searched for in the search engines in regards to your content. Do not stuff the keywords but use them wisely!
  • Keep in mind that Google can change the length of the meta tags any time it feels necessary hence, keep the most valuable information you think has the potential to draw traffic in the first 110-130 characters and maintain the length of 155 of total characters. Also always remember the ‘mobile first approach’ too.
  • Be very sure that your meta description gives the holistic idea of what your web content be it a product or service page or a blog is all about.
  • Use the ‘call to action words’ for a better search results.
  • The meta tag must be written in active voice that is conversational and talks to the web users directly.
  • Always use one unique and original meta tag for a single webpage and a different one for another even if it is linked to your web page.

There can be no restricted rule to creating the right meta description. But it can be created uniquely keeping in mind the above factors. We know that SEO plays a vast role in digital marketing so most digital marketers focus on the use of SEO tools to create the right kind of meta description but all said and done it ultimately rests on your understanding of what is most important of your page.

Therefore, use your own instinct and think well before going about creating the meta description of your web page because it ultimately matters!

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