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A Guide on How to Start a House Cleaning Business

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how to start a house cleaning business

By all measures, the house cleaning business sector is booming. Home cleaning services in America have seen consistent year-on-year growth of around 6%, a rate that far outstrips most other industries in the country right now.

There are many reasons for this growth, ranging from changing tastes to increased disposable income. What matters is that now is a great time to learn how to start a house cleaning business.

Thanks to small initial investment amounts, a wide customer base, and total flexibility, anyone can become a house cleaning entrepreneur. Here’s how to do it.

1. How to Start a House Cleaning Business 101: Do Your Research

If you want to know how to start a house cleaning business from scratch, rigorous research is a basic prerequisite. You’ll want to know how much demand you can expect in your local area.

One way to find this out is to learn about the type of demographics and income levels that hire cleaners and see how your area matches up.

You’ll want to research the competition to see how much they charge customers. The list goes on and on.

2. Get All of Your Cleaning Equipment

Starting a cleaning business will require capital investment from you. It is likely that the bulk of your money will be spent on acquiring all of the necessary equipment needed to clean a house efficiently.

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There are many items you will need, but this non-exhaustive list should help you get started:

  • Cleaning uniforms
  • Bleach
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • All-purpose spray cleaner
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Window cleaning equipment

Once you have these items, you’re almost ready to get down to business.

3. Explore the Franchise Option

Of course, if you’d rather have a helping hand with all of the logistics and resources, the franchise options are probably the best way to go.

Joining a large, reputable cleaning company like DryMaster Systems will allow you to access the expertise of industry veterans.

You will also get quick and easy access to all of the equipment and marketing materials you’ll need to get started. Those looking to get started quickly are best-advised to explore this route.

4. Market Yourself Locally

Learning how to start a cleaning business requires a penchant for self-promotion. The vast majority of your clientele will be local, so focus on getting the word out in your neighborhood.

Word-of-mouth marketing is still a very common form of publicity in the cleaning industry, so make sure to tell anyone and everyone you meet. Get yourself on local business directories and Google pages.

Hang up flyers in your nearby store. Increase your local visibility to get a loyal customer base.

5. Set Your Rates and Fees

Those who have not worked in a cleaning business before might struggle to know exactly what to charge. The truth is that there is no right answer.

Your rates will depend on what the competition is charging, as well as what the local clientele are willing to pay. They will also depend on the kind of services you offer.

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Cleaner rates can range from $25 to $200 an hour. Finding out where you stand requires research.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about how to start a house cleaning business, you’ll need to learn the rules of business success. Make sure to read our detailed advice in the Education Section to get the information you need to thrive.

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