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Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices in 2018

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Unless your online business gets you conversion, you cannot measure your eCommerce business growth. There are two types of conversion – micro and macro conversion that directly or indirectly bring sales to your website. To improve the conversion rate on your website, you need to first have a well-designed user-friendly site. But a good structure website is not enough, there are few small but important elements that improve customer trust and encourage them to purchase from your website. These trust elements help you to build strong customer trust and become a first choice to purchase anything from your site. Here’re simple tips on how you can increase the online sales and business ROI (Rate of Investment) through conversion optimization strategy.

1. Build a remarkable value proposition

As competition is getting more and more fierce in the online world, it becomes imperative to create a unique value of your brand that stands out from the competition. To have an alluring value proposition, you should highlight the benefits and features of your product. Talk about how your offerings will make your prospect’s life easier.

2. Avoid using technical jargon too much

Jargon words are technical terms, used to explain the specific methodology of learning concept. Too much technical Jargon words make your information difficult to understand for the general audience. If your customers are from a different category, then make sure you are using the generic keyword for explaining your content. Use jargon word only when it is very highly necessary for explain.

3. Build trust to get sales

SSL Certificates should be installed on your website to win customer trust through encryption of data. It helps to carry out secure transactions and data from hackers without worrying about the breach of security. If you want to maintain a healthy long-term relationship with your customers, security should be your foremost priority.

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Install RapidSSL Certificate and authenticate security so that your customers can stay assured and buy from you without any objection that their information may get leaked. Moreover, it also enhances your search engine rankings, thereby helping you with implementing better SEO practices.

4. Simplify the buying process

Your checkout process should be designed in such a way that it facilitates conversions. Keep it simple with minimum fields so that the customer can complete the purchase quickly without any difficulties. Support the maximum possible payment gateways to reduce the chance of declined payments and failed transactions, as this may directly hamper your conversion rate.

5. Deliver value through your content

If you are a part of the service-based industry, you should write informative content that delivers value to your prospective clients. Well-researched content helps you garner higher conversions when compared to sloppy rewritten content. Create long-form content like infographics, roundup posts, ebooks, and white papers to make your target audience more aware of how you can help them mitigate their challenges and get rid of the pain points.

6. Provide social proof

Testimonials work the best when it comes to generating more conversions for businesses. Your customers are more likely to trust other users before using your services. Therefore, you should always display your customer reviews and feedback on your website.

Pro Tip: Rather than stuffing the testimonials with adjectives and superlatives, request your customer to share result-oriented content that conveys something like “conversion rates or sales accelerated by 50% in 3 months”.

Also, integrate social media with your online marketing so that it opens up the scope of customer interaction on other channels too. That is the magic of omnichannel marketing efforts. It enhances your brand visibility to a great extent.

7. Keep the website clutter free

Your website should offer a clean navigation to the visitors. They should be able to find what they are looking for. Keep it free from distractions. The simplest way to have a clutter-free website is to follow visual hierarchy and design according to the eye scan path. Follow the “F” shape and include all the important information in this part. Doing so would help you grab the visitor’s attention. Have a single CTA with your contact information at the footer of every page. It would make it easy for the readers to contact you in case they have any questions or concerns regarding your products or services. Make sure you include enough whitespace in your website design so that it gives breathing space.

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Pro Tip: Leverage important offers like free shipping or rewards through P.S. People always love reading P.S. section.

8. Offer incentives and discounts

Your customers are always on the lookout for enticing discounts and incentives. Give them an offer they cannot deny. With holidays approaching, you can have an attractive holiday season offers that would bring more conversions for you.

9. Create a sense of urgency with limited time offers

Limited time offers to go a long way in enhancing the conversion rate of your business. Use countdowns on your website as well as social media or emails to create a sense of urgency and tap on the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ instinct of your readers by portraying scarcity of your products. It would help you drive instant sales through impulsive purchase decisions.

10. Stand out from competition

Keep a close eye on your competitors and do something that would give you a competitive edge. You can organize exclusive contests and giveaways that would encourage participation from maximum visitors. This trick works wonders in enhancing brand visibility and thereby increasing conversions. Offline events and webinars are also a great tactic to stand out from your competitors. Many brands these days co-host events and then share the leads they have received, to drive business growth.

Wrapping Up

All your marketing efforts should be aimed at reflecting authenticity and reliability for your readers. Keep these tips in mind and regularly test for loopholes in your implementation. Remember: Every tactic may not work for every brand. Ascertain what works the best for your target audience.

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