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Web Design Trends: Minimalism Vs. Maximalism

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The website design of a company need to be on its toes so that there are many facets to it. The design aspect of the website of any company can make sure that which type of audience will come to have a look at it and will they be interested in getting involved in a transaction. There are many ways in which a minimalistic design is the order of the day as most companies use it. This can be termed as trend among many fields and industries and hence it is close to becoming the de-facto standard. But there are websites which are rebuffing this trend and going for a maximalist design.

Let me offer you introduction to both designs and also offer what sets apart both of them as maximalist design is also getting close to getting the support so that it can also become a trending one.

1. The Basic Difference between Minimalist vs. Maximalist Website Design

Minimalism is all about the basic shapes and using minimum screen area so that to create a website. On the other hand, minimalism is the exact opposite as there are many reasons why a company try to use the opposite of minimal design. A maximalist design is all about having a grander approach so that a website is created which uses graphics and designs to the next level in terms of size and shape. In this way, the developers nowadays can take full advantage of the new softwares and programs to create a grand website.

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Incorporating maximalist principles when designing a logo or a website can help your brand stand out among all the other website as the choice of your color and layouts make a big difference. Facebook or Instagram are good examples of how your brand can make a perfect impression in the eyes of your prospective customers. When the visitors scroll down the news feed, your logo and design styles really stand out as a logo bigger in size with other companies can make a great impression for sure. Bold nature of your colors is the reason for its success.

2. Attributes of Maximalist Design

With each passing day, there are many attributes which we can link to the maximalist design and term them an important attribute of it. Following are 3 of the most popular attributes of maximalist design that are vital for it nowadays.

3. Big and Bold Colors

The use of big and bold colors is one of the latest trends that is storming the marketplace. Colors can be combined to offer a rich and exciting composition. For web designers, this use of bold colors is what can make a design stand out.

4. Bold Textures

The mixture of color with layers can create a more vibrant presentation that is simply irresistible to see and experience. Textures in the background and in the certain section of the pages can create a dazzling effect.

5. Brave Combinations

The new approach in this regard is all about combining two or more aspects to create a design which is intoxicating to say the least. Combination of images, graphics and technology can be deadly and can create a look that is simply out of this world. Any prominent web design agency can offer you the best experience in this regard.

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Final Word

Going for the maximalist design nowadays is the new way of offering a web design to your audience which can get their attention in just one glance. However, it totally depends upon your audience and the type of product/service. So you need to be really on your toes to offer something of substantial value to your audience. You can try minimalist design too initially to see the results for yourself and only then add maximalist design. So don’t take my word for it and try it. See what you believe in and don’t just add it for the sake of it or your friend is doing it.

If you need further information in this regard, then you can always ask me a question. And if you want to add something of value to this blog, you are more than welcome. For either task, please use the comments section below.

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