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What Is the Purpose of Human Resource Management?

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A strong and capable human resource department is one of the best investments you can make in an organization. Though underappreciated, human resources are critical to maintaining a healthy, professional culture in your department.

As a manager, your employees are your greatest asset. To build loyal employees, you must create trust and respect throughout your company. You must also ensure that all employees are treated fairly.

The human resource department plays a critical role in this process.

If you’re interested in a career in human resources, you may wonder about the purpose of the human resource department. If you’re looking to expand or cut your human resource department, you also may be curious.

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So, What is The Human Resource Department?

Human resources are the main element during the process of recruitment. They’re also responsible for the hiring, training, and retainment of employees. Often, the human resource department is the first interaction an applicant has in an organization.

They help to manage and maintain the human capital of the organization; in other words, its employees.

The goal of the department is to maximize employee performance. In some organizations, they may do this through career counseling.

They also build employee loyalty and commitment to the organization. This is forged early on in the recruiting process, matching the skills of applicants to the correct position. In doing so, they also establish the goals and mission of the organization.

The human resources department also helps to grow partner relationships. They may also be asked to assist in cultural changes in the organization.

What is the Purpose of the Human Resource Department?

Since the process of hiring employees is time-consuming, organizations can’t afford to hire “bad” employees. The hiring process is expensive. If your company has a lousy employee retention rate, it’s going to suffer.

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In 2016, the total employee turnover rate was as high as 17.8% across industries. The percentage has steadily increased for the past few years.

An effective human resource department can cushion these numbers. By investing in the right people, they ensure that qualified applicants are hired and appropriate fits for the company. In turn, this saves companies a ton of money in hiring and re-hiring.

The human resource department handles the internal and external recruiting of applicants. They assist in the candidate selection process and help employees through the onboarding stage of hiring.

They mainly help the employees get “set up” and ensure their first phase of employment goes seamlessly. They introduce new employees to their manager and team of colleagues. They make sure everyone feels comfortable.

The human resource department also manages payroll, employee time, and labor.

In larger companies, the human resource department may also help in developing the skills of employees. They can also be a helpful resource for career counseling.

Why Should You Have a Human Resource Department?

Without a human resource department, your company is going to lose money in hiring and training employees. You don’t have the time to vet employees thoroughly. The day-to-day activities of a company take up too much focus and space.

Without human resources, you will undoubtedly hire the wrong people.

Human resource specialists are focused on making sure employees are qualified, passionate, and committed to the organization.

Human resources services have a streamlined approach to successful hiring and training.

They also keep your organization current and competitive. Job markets are constantly shifting. The human resource department actively adjusts to changing needs.

They analyze and tweak employee benefits to ensure appropriate costs. This is helpful when new benefits are added, and promotions are made.

Human resources also support the welfare of your employees.

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They also manage conflicts in the organization. Every organization is going to have conflict and employee tension. You need a fair process to handle it.

The human resource department can ensure that these conflicts are resolved in a productive manner, making employees feel heard. Importantly, it can also help prevent lawsuits within your company.

How to Get Involved in Human Resouces

If you’re interested in making human resources your career, you will at least need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school. It helps to hold a degree in human resources or a related field, though this isn’t required.

Certain employers may want added education, but that will be specific to the organization.

If you want to stand out, you may consider obtaining a certificate in human resource management.

The Society for Human Resource Management offers SHRM Certified Professional and SHRM Senior Certified Professional programs. This makes you uniformly certified across the country.

If you’re just starting in the field, you’ll need to build a few years of experience for a managerial position. Outside of managerial positions, a bachelor’s degree and proper certification should secure you a spot in most organizations.

Now You Know the Importance of Human Resouces

If you’re an employer or looking to get in the field, you should now see the importance of human resources. They’re the foundation of a healthy company. They’re responsible for maintaining the integrity and satisfaction of all employees.

The purpose of the human resource department goes beyond payroll and conflict resolution. They completely manage your human capital.

By ensuring the best employees are hired and recruited, you can save thousands of dollars every year.

So, next to you see a human resources specialist, make sure to thank them for their work!

And since you’re interested in more than just human resources, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. We have tons of other awesome articles on business, career, and education!

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