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A Comprehensive Guide To Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development

Mobile app for business: Yay or nay?

Entrepreneurs often evaluate this question to make a smart decision. It is a complex thought as a high-quality mobile app doesn’t come cheap.

Why build a Mobile App?

According to Statista,

  • 2.8 million apps available at Google Play Store
  • 2.2 million apps available in Apple’s App Store
  • By 2020, mobile apps are forecast to generate around 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising

A recommended way to unravel the need for a Mobile app is to address customer problems and report the lack of functionalities of other apps which are currently in use. But nailing the ‘why’ is just the first step, you must validate your app idea before investing in it.

  • What’s the unique selling proposition of your app?
  • Who will be your target audience?
  • For which platform (Android or iOS) you should go first?

Following a powerful business plan, will help your app grow exponentially in the marketplace.

How will Mobile Apps help you scale New Business Heights?

No matter what is the size of your company, an effective mobile app strategy is an innovative way to engage more customers. On an average, it is noted that people check their smartphone 160 to 200 times in a day. Knowing the facts, many businesses have already equipped themselves with a mobile app. On opting for innovative Mobile App marketing Services, you can make the most of the mobile trend for building delightful customer experiences. Here are a few benefits of developing a customized app for your business.

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1. Serves as a Direct Marketing Channel

With apps, customers can access information about your services or product anytime and anywhere. Using your application, you can send push notification about exclusive offers and promotions thus becomes an effortless way to reach mass audiences.

2. Bring you a Wealth of Customer’s Insight

Through apps, you can receive detailed information about customer behaviors as well as receive feedback which helps you to improve your product. Also, you will be able to send customized content which increases interaction with your brand in a brief time.

3. Ability to Work Offline

It is probably one of the major differences between a website and a mobile app. In offline mode, an app may offer your customers some content or functionality, however, a website won’t even open. With an app, the user can read last synced latest updates, write messages which will be automatically sent when going online which saves time.

4. Additional Channel of Revenue

In-app advertising is a smart way to earn money by providing a better customer experience. These ads are scaled to fit according to the screen sizes and look better than display advertising on the mobile web, thereby improves overall customer engagement.

Native or Cross Platform?

According to Medium, 99.6% of all smartphones run either on iOS or Android. Amid the controversy, the “native vs. cross-platform” app development is a hotter argument than ever. Both the platforms have their own pros and cons, however, there is no denying the fact building cross-platform apps is the most recommended choice as it is coded once for multiple platforms thus proves cost-effective approach.

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Which latest Mobile Technology Trends you must follow to stay ahead in the competition?

Since you are aware now that every company is looking forward to building a customized app for increasing their brand awareness. This is the reason that each Android App Development Company has become a lot more conscious thus embracing the latest technologies to fulfill the client’s needs. Check out some amazing features that you can include in your app to gain easy visibility.

1. Geo-Location Services

Location-based services are burgeoning at a rapid speed. This feature is commonly used in the retail or restaurant industry for tracking orders, delivery status, and much more. Leveraging the functionalities of these apps, users can get real-time guidance about nearby places which makes them happy and satisfied with the services.

2. AR – The Big Revolution in Customer Experience

The core advantage of AR apps is that its usage is intuitive. In next few years, it will reduce the number of physical stores as people can get the feel of the product sitting at their own place. It creates standard media content more engaging and appealing to customers.

3. Digital Wallets – Secure and Convenient

One of the biggest advantages of digital wallet payments is that it fastens up the payment process. Beyond paying by the phone, there are various other reasons like security and convenience which makes mobile wallet payments a smart move.

Ongoing innovations offer you huge opportunities to various spheres like banking, real estate, manufacturing, and even Healthcare. All you need to do some research and consult a reliable mobile development company to get optimum results.

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