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Online converters have become the need of every internet user. Often, you receive a file, text, or document that is in a unique format type like PDF or DOC. These formats are used to view different text documents. If you don’t have specific software for this popular text formats, you cannot open any of such files. But you don’t have to worry about this issue as there are several online converters available that allow you to convert several files and documents into another file format. For your ease, we have listed down the five best online converters.

1: Online Convert.com

There are several reasons why online converter is still the number one online free converter. There is an option to check whether your file format can be converted or not. For this on the left of the home page, there is a dedicated dialogue box. Once you have verified your file format upload its URL on the website. You can also directly open any file format from your computer. This way you can convert your files in the desired formats.

2: Convertio

This online file converter allows you to convert more than one type of file at the same time. You have to click on add more files button to add further files. Once you are done with converting your files, you can directly save them in your Dropbox, Google Drive or on your laptop or PC. The conversion speeds are fast, and Convertio is one reliable source for converting files of different formats.

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3: Aconvert

Aconvert allows you to convert text documents, images, audio, and, eBook in multiple types of formats. If you want to convert a video into another format, it will also give you options to set the video resolution, bit rate, and aspect ratio. Other than images and videos, text documents and eBooks can also be converted using this platform. This converter is an excellent all in one platform where you can convert different types of files in a short time.

4: FreeFileConvert 

FreeFileConvert has the support for more than 8000 types of different formats. Now you don’t have to worry about an uncommon file type as this website will convert that specific format for you. FreeFileConvert can also convert multiple file types at once and you don’t have to convert all the files one by one. The interface of the website is simple and straightforward. On the home page, you will find the search bar. There you can upload your file and click on convert. When the files have been converted, you can directly save them on your laptop or pc.

5: FileZigZag

With the help of FileZigZag, you can convert audio, text and video files into other formats. This website is an email service through which you will receive your converted files. Just upload the audio, video, or text file along with your email address. You will receive your converted file in your mailbox. Overall, FileZigZag is a convenient feature, and most of the formats are supported.


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