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7 Best Learning Apps for Language Students

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Language is something that we may either find easy or hard to learn depending on the circumstances. Some students may find it easy to learn a new language with proper education and practice. Others may have to adjust their watches and clocks since they need to spend the whole night studying. Different people don’t have the same learning patterns especially if they’re studying a new language.


With accessibility to high, language students can now look for exercises and courses online to help in their growth. Add the fact that not only are their online courses and exercises but we now live in a world where mobile functionality is king.


Learning through your mobile devices and taking them wherever you go is easier than bringing books or printouts. However, you may want to know what are the best language learning apps that you can download right now. Nothing beats quality education and you need the best language learning apps to stay ahead of the curve.


So here are seven of the top language learning apps that students can download on their phones.

7 Best Learning Apps That You Can Download Now

Old Favourites

1. Duolingo


Are you trying to learn a new language? Do you prefer a fun and colorful interface instead of a typically academic one? Then Duolingo is the app that you need to download. Featuring a whole slew of lessons and interactive exercises, Duolingo makes learning exciting and fun. This app can be downloaded on ios and Android devices for free. However, there are premium contents that you have to purchase to have access to.

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2. Rosetta Stone


A stalwart in the language learning industry, Rosetta Stone is a name trusted by language students all over the world. Now available as a mobile app, Rosetta Stone allows students to fine-tune their language skills whenever and wherever. Filled with exercises and lessons that allow you to grow your foreign vocabulary, Rosetta Stone might be the only app you’ll ever need. This app can be downloaded for free but it also contains in-app purchases.


3. Busuu


Free to download for both ios and Android devices, this app allows learners to study 12 different foreign languages. Included in these languages are Polish, Turkish, Arabic and Russian. Busuu lets its users take tests, accent exams, and practice exercises. The great thing about Busuu is it will test your knowledge on a certain language and see what level you belong to.


4. Beelingualapp


If you prefer learning by reading words side by side then Beelingualapp is the one for you. This app lets you read easy to learn audiobooks in your desired language. These books include your favorite fairy tales that are translated into the language you want to learn. This lets you learn at your own pace with all the options available.


Other Suggested Apps

5. Memrise


Another fun app to learn a new language with is Memrise! Featuring a large community of language learners, Memrise allows you to learn new languages with inputs from native speakers. Memrise also features language games that improve your skills while being fun and enjoyable. Another great feature Memrise has is a pronunciation guide to help you with how to say words properly. Lastly, this app features both online and offline modes.

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6. HiNative


If you prefer a question and answer way of learning, download HiNative on your mobile devices now. This lets you ask native speakers what a certain phrase from your first language and translate it to theirs. HiNative also allows you to use pictures and ask other users what it translates to in their language. This allows more discourse and opportunities to talk about their language and culture.


7. Ankiapp Flashcards


Remember those flashcard exercises from school that help us read and understand words faster? Now, you can have those exercises in your chosen mobile devices. Need a quick exercise to keep your language skills in tip-top shape? Then set Ankiapp to the language you want to train in and enjoy. Boasting a user-friendly interface, Ankiapp Flashcards is the whole package.


So what are you waiting for? Download these apps right now and improve on the language that you are studying right now. Wanna learn more languages? These apps will help you determine the level that you need to start with. Lastly, these language learning mobile apps allows you to learn at your own pace.


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