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Top Digital Analytics Industry Trends of 2019

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Top Digital Analytics Industry Trends

The evolution of trends in data science and artificial intelligence is a crucial factor in transforming the digital economy. Further, since companies from different industries are taking part in the rise of e-commerce, it’s vital to know which digital industry trends are topping in the year 2019.

Given that only several industries know the way around the effective means of digitally transforming their businesses. These top digital analytics industry trends are worthy investments that every business should prioritize to climb their way to success. However, companies should keep in mind that trends also vary in features and functions.

Having knowledge about which analytics trends are the most useful for handling data is also a critical part of digital transformation. If you want your business to keep up with other companies in the digital market, it’s vital to know which trends are the cutting edge. Thus, allowing your business to become one step ahead of other companies.

Read on to find out which are the top digital analytics industry trends of 2019.

IoT Analytics

The Internet of Things or IoT and data analytics created IoT Analytics to collect data from every technological device in the Internet of Things. One of the leading research and advisory companies called Gartner also predicted that the world would have approximately 20.4 IoT technological devices by 2020.

Given that almost everyone in the world is utilizing smart devices in their homes having IoT analytics is an effective way to collect data. Collecting data using IoT devices enables researchers from various businesses to use the data and improve their processes. Also, finding out how the collected data can be enhanced to discover its potential.

IoT devices such as smart lighting systems, heart monitors, and thermostats can also generate data. The generated data, such as the habits or preferences of users when using the IoT devices, can already be a solid basis for further research. Besides, there are also a lot of innovative data analytics platforms to help businesses interpret these data.

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Since IoT devices are also a standard tool in automation, manufacturing industries can also enhance their operations. Improving the process of manufacturing industries can change how they manufacture products to meet the interests and preferences of users around the world.

Data Analysis Automation

Automated robots can transform the productivity of workers and the overall business, thus, industries are in favor of automation. Another benefit of using automation in various industries is to reduce the operating costs while increasing the efficiency of operations.

Given that big data analytics is a repetitive task, replacing human workers with automated robots can also improve the precision of analysis. Big data analysis is a crucial part of enhancing the capacity of big data technologies. The role of the data analysis automation trend change the marketing strategies of e-commerce businesses for the better.

Data Analysis Automation also enables businesses to utilize the features of artificial intelligence and machine learning in robots. Thus, this trend can also help companies to lead in the digital market because the analysis and knowledge of data can turn into business capabilities through automation.

Self-Service Analytics

Self-Service Analytics emphasizes how vital data curation is, whenever a business manages the collection and analyzation of data. Further, this trend also enables every people in a data-driven organization to share information and insights among each other to empower data-driven decision making.

Every data-driven organization should have access to credible data analytics tools such as Adobe or Google Analytics. Further, organizations should also train their people concerning data governance while using their tools to strengthen the trend of self-service analytics.

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Every business or company differs in terms of objectives, resources, plans, marketing strategies, and budgets. There are also different methods of self-service analytics that they could choose from. Thus, ensuring that no business or company is forcing the application of this trend.

Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform can enable a more efficient and effective way of organizing the customer database. Since the Customer Data Platform grants you a central point of control for all the data about each customer. Your business can connect various layers of information about from interacting with every customer.

The Customer Data Platform is also capable of creating a profile for anonymous customers. Further, the data collected from interactions with unknown customers will also link it to the profile of the customer once they become a registered customer. Thus, the reverse-stitching ability of the Customer Data Platform makes it a significant trend.


Digital analytics industry trends can change every year, knowing which trends are at the top can help your business achieve success. Given that almost every marketing strategies are part of the digital world. Businesses and organizations have the opportunity to utilize these top trends to have stronger data governance while increasing productivity.

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