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Why Should You Not Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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In the midst of zillions of world-class customer relationship management solutions, every company is in search of the best fit for their requirements. They are looking for a CRM solution which not only serves the purposes of the customer management teams but offers them something additional as well. And, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect tool. It is not only brimmed with CRM functionalities, but it contains something for everyone. Be it the Sales team or the marketing team. Hence, choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is one of the most sufficient solutions is surely the best thing to do.

Listed below are a few reasons to not choose Dynamics 365:

If you do not want to integrate an all-encompassing tool for your business

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive tool. It is not meant for a particular section of a company. In fact, it can be used by a plenty of different set of teams. It is one of those solutions, which are shared by many teams. Also, this makes a fantastic tool to keep the members of different teams connected with each other. It definitely saves the company from the hassle of implementing various tools and sharing a different type of accesses to various different departments. Instead, this one tool can be used by the finance team, marketing team, customer support team, operations team etc. Therefore, only if you do not wish to simplify the functionality of your business you should ignore Dynamics 365.

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If you do not wish to be on the top of your marketing game

One of the other powerful features of Dynamics 365 is that it empowers the marketing teams. It gives them an extra edge. The marketing teams can not only prepare better plans to promote the business of the company, but they can also implement their plans through this wonderful Dynamics 365 app for marketing. At the same time, the marketing experts also get this wonderful opportunity of mapping their performance. Starting from creating mind-blowing campaigns to tracking the performance of every campaign, this app lets you do almost everything. Also, the app gives the marketers the advantage of curating the campaigns in their own way. The tool is very flexible. So, starting from playing with the communication to the design, you can do almost everything with this fabulously built marketing tool.

If you do not want to manage ERP functionalities from the same tool

Now, the new edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 also contains the Enterprise Resource Planning functionalities. Therefore, you would not necessarily need the Microsoft ERP solution (separately) in order to take care of your ERP requirements. Instead of all the features, in fact, a lot more, have been already linked to your Microsoft dynamics 365. It is just that you have to choose the right tool to access the right functionalities. This is a great move by Microsoft as it is not only making it easy for firms but is also a good move to attract more clients.

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If you do not wish to fetch useful customer data

One of the very powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it allows marketing professionals to get closer to their customers and probable customers. There are various options in Dynamics 365 which enable the users to gauge useful insights and get the required reports. Through these analytics reports, the users can simply take better business decisions. In fact, all of these insights help the marketing and sales experts to make better strategies and attract more customers.  At the same time, they also help the customer support teams to learn better ways of taking care of the customer journey.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a superb tool, so only if you want to miss out on such fabulous features you should ignore it. Else, it is always a top choice to adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365!

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