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How to Strike First Impression in Web Design

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Do you remember your first job interview or your first day at school?

Most people do remember because it was either extremely fruitful or you lumbered through the entire thing.

You probably would have done all you could do to present the best version of yourself.

Irrespective of the fact where ever you are. The first impression is what matters. It depicts your image to the world. According to research, it is observed that people judge you within seven seconds of interacting with you.

It may be your physical appearance or the way you speak, if you are approachable or not, or reminding them of someone they like or dislike.

With the world evolving through centuries and transforming into the global village we see today. Organizations have been connecting thoroughly with the introduction of the internet in the late 20th century.

Websites are the primary source of interaction for an individual if they want to tap into your company, therefore making them the foremost important playground for you to interact with your audience effectively.

Just like you, if your website doesn’t depict a strong or shall we say an effective image of your offerings it is of no use. People judge your websites. If it is branded improperly or has a confusing user interface you can expect your customer to stay away from you without knowing anything about what you offer.


Let’s focus on what makes your first impression not so schway for the world.

A profusion of text and information overwhelmed on your homepage will surely leave your visitors confused and overwhelmed. You definitely don’t want that!

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It takes only two-tenths of a second for individuals to be interested or switch to another website, concludes a research conducted by Missouri industry of science and technology.

All the hard work you have put in, to repeatedly perfect your design would have to be so appealing that it creates lasting impersonations in the eye of your audience.

Your logo, user interface, layouts, use of colours and popup’s all play a factor in your visitor’s first impression of you.

The worst part is that it can prevent them from returning to your website and affect your bounce rate.

Many online websites offer free tools featuring online designs, customizable interface, online free logos maker.

So where do you start?

Make an introductory video:

When the time frame is limited you need to set your priorities straight. Deliver your audience the information it needs in the quickest and the most comprehensive way to conceive.

The best way is to make an introductory video which comprehends your organizational goals and products. It is the best way for the users to learn about your product and the innovation it brings.

The pace that which the society is moving no one wants to ponder very long over an information. Detailed elaboration is not what everyone is looking for, they just want a comprehensive idea that persists in their mind.

Value Proposition:

This is the key! It is the statement that explains your company’s motive and why should anyone care. Elaborate using a few sentences to grab their attention, transfer what you are doing in as few words as possible. It is your website, not a kindle!

Value proposition provides users with a summary of what their product is supposed to accomplish and is additionally in the midst of a picture showing guests visually what it’s like.

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Optimized effectively, it can give you more fruits that you can wish for.

Introduce Characters:

When we watch movies or songs what we visualize are characters that sync with the information. Adding human emotions to your website will make your audience connect with your website more effectively and appropriately.

It is very simple. It’s all about the human touch.

Adding characters to your website will enable your visitors to feel a part of you in them. Everyone wants to relate, by customizing your site personally, you enable your audience to get a vibe of you in themselves.

Use effective colour palettes. They have a strong emotional effect on the audience. Use unique but simple typography… Bringing yourself to the table with some personal touch will make you go another mile in this race. Recommended!


In life, it is the little things that make a difference. The details of a room, the design of a fabric. It’s relatable. First Impressions are important!

Millions of webpage come online daily, with the pace of information and the uniqueness each has to offer it is often difficult to get noticed.

The good part is, not everyone knows the importance of first impressions. The edge is, not everyone is a designer. Create logos and designs for free is the choice people make their own logos for free through different AI tools available on the internet.

B eing creative is what you want and you’ll take the world by storm. The impression is always significant! Feliz aprendizaje!

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