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Barron Trump Had Tested Positive for COVID After Melania and Donald

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Barron Trump, son of President and First Lady Donald Trump and Melania Trump, also tested positive for coronavirus. The First Lady had posted an essay available on the White House website talking about her experience of battling the virus. She not only wrote about what she went through but also the President. Eventually, the post included her 14-year-old son fighting with the virus as well.

Melania Trump revealed that soon after she was detected positive, she thought about Barron immediately. At first, the teenager tested negative, and the parents were relieved. But soon, his reports came positive. Towards the end of the essay, Melania revealed that they are all free of COVID now.

Melania said that Barron is a healthy teen and had no symptoms of the virus. The mother said that she is happy that all of them tested positive around the same time; they could all stay together and take care of each other. Barron tested negative soon.

White House revealed Barron Trump testing negative

After the White House informed that Barron Trump tested negative, the family kept a low-profile about their health for a while. But with the note sent out by Melania, it gives insight into how the family has been doing.

Melania did not interfere with the treatment given to Barron. She went through her own, but it was way different from how the President was treated. Trump was in the hospital for a brief time and had to go through several medications. Moreover, some of his medications were experimental.

Melania revealed that she was having vitamins and healthy food. Thus, her treatment was more natural. She also said that Dr. Sean Conley and his team had served them outstandingly well, and that is the success behind her and Barron’s speedy recovery.

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