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5 Tips for Shipping Large Items Across the Country

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Are your items ready to go the distance? Shipping large items can be both expensive and stressful, as you want to make sure they arrive at their destination in one piece.

If you need to ship large items for business purposes or personal reasons, like moving home, it helps to be prepared. What do you need to know when planning for your items to be shipped across the country?

To learn more, keep reading for five top tips on shipping large freight—including how to save on shipping costs.

1. Before Proceeding, Get Multiple Quotes

When it comes to business shipping costs, not all freight companies are equal. If you’re wondering how to save such costs, you need to get multiple quotes before selecting a supplier.

Shopping around can save you hundreds, so look for a company like LTL freight shipping that will provide a quote for your shipping job in advance—then decide which company is best.

2. Understand How Cost Is Calculated

Shipping can seem expensive, but it makes more sense if you understand how costs are calculated.

Your price varies not only on the weight of your items, but also on the dimensions, the final destination, and the way it’s being shipped (which could be by land, air, or by sea).

3. Ship on a Pallet

Not sure how to package products for shipping? We recommend using a pallet.

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Wooden pallets are affordable and make it easy to keep all of your items together while you chose this type of vehicle. They’re also useful when moving and shipping furniture overseas, as you can loud up several pallets, which is the easiest way to ship large items of furniture.

4. Don’t Forget About Insurance

It can be easy to skip paying for shipping insurance to save a few dollars, but this can be a costly mistake. Insurance provides peace of mind in case anything happens to your items in transit.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need documentation if you file a claim, so take photos of your items before shipping.

5. Take Care to Wrap Everything

Wrapping all of your items in bubble wrap and foam is time-consuming, but it’s the best way to stop them from breaking.

No matter what mode of transport you use, your items are likely to get tossed around and there’s always a chance of breakage. Wrapping all items carefully will stop this from happening.

Use These Tips to Ensure Your Products Arrive Safely

Shipping large items across the country can be worrisome, but if you use the tips above, your packages are sure to arrive safely. If you invest the time in finding the right shipping company and packing your products carefully, they’ll arrive in perfect condition, a huge sigh of relief!

Start looking for reliable shipping companies in your area and get started today.

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