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Donald Trump Is Hospitalized at Walter Reed Hospital for COVID Treatment

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Donald Trump Is Hospitalized at Walter Reed Hospital for COVID treatment

President Donald Trump is hospitalized and remained in the Walter Reed hospital on Saturday, October 3. First lady Melania Trump too, tested COVID positive and was in the hospital alongside her husband. Both of them were experiencing symptoms lately. The whole situation raises questions across the country regarding the seriousness of the first couple’s health condition.

President Trump was looking too feverish and tired due to the viral infection. Therefore, he took a precautionary move and went to the Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. According to White House officials, there are high chances that the 74-year old President will remain in the hospital for a few days. After no update regarding the President’s condition from the White House, he finally tweeted. He writes that everything is going well. House

The fact that Donald Trump is hospitalized is an extraordinary decision on the part of the officials. The same happened after a few of his officials also tested positive for COVID-19. Reports claim that all of them were together attending an event in the White House. The same was to celebrate the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barret. The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, was one of the people whose reports were positive. Following her are North Carolina Senate Thom Tillis and Utah Senate Mike Lee.

Donald Trump is hospitalized and receiving remdesivir therapy.

Later, on Friday, October 2, the campaign manager of Trump, Bill Stepien, came out COVID positive. Along with him was Kellyanne Conway, the former senior counselor who reports a favorable report as well. Just a little while after Trump’s treatment began, his doctor Sean Conley states that there was no ventilation requirement for the President. However, he will be on remdesivir therapy. The same is a unique treatment for older adults in hospitals who require extra oxygen, but not complete ventilation. The doctor adds that the President responds well to the treatment and the first dose is complete.

On Friday, October 2, President Trump was boarding his official helicopter, the Marine One. He was wearing a navy suit with a blue tie, and a mask as well. It was his first public appearance since the time he was diagnosed as COVID positive. On that day, he headed to the Walter Reed hospital, which is at a distance of 9 miles from the White House. He waved and gave a thumbs up to the press and photographers while boarding the helicopter. However, he did not take any questions. Everyone around the President was mandatorily wearing masks.

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After Trump went to the hospital, a video went public. In it, the President is trying to assure the people. In it, he states that both he and the first lady are alright. However, they promise to make things work out for the better.


Updates about the condition of Donald and Melanie Trump

According to Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary of White House, Donald Trump was in excellent spirits. Moreover, he was almost healthy, although with very mild symptoms. Besides, he was busy working throughout the day despite his weak health. His physician recommends as part of caution that the President should only work from his office in Walter Reed for a few days. McEnany adds that the first couple is happy to get so much love and support they are receiving. The disclosure of the President regarding his diagnosis was shocking for Washington and the entire country. It had a massive effect on the market right before the upcoming Presidential elections in November.

Apart from the remdesivir therapy, Dr. Conley also gave him 8gm of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail. It is one of the best precautionary measures as per the experts. However, Regeneron is still undergoing trial and is in the fourth stage. Presently, there is minimum clarity regarding the efficacy and safety of the medicine too. Conley adds that he gives the President a regular dosage of zinc, daily aspirin, vitamin D, melatonin, and famotidine. On the other hand, first lady Melanie Trump experienced only mild symptoms such as headache and a mild cough. Dr. Conley also mentions that no one else from the Trump family was experiencing symptoms.

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Reports of other officials who underwent a COVID test

President Donald Trump brought out details of his test results after Hope Hicks, one of his close aids, became COVID positive. The latter started feeling unwell on his flight back from a President’s rally in Minnesota. Therefore, he went into isolation and away from other passengers. However, White House people were already aware that Hicks was already COVID positive when Trump went to Bedminster, New Jersey, for a fundraiser event.

Reports flew in that a few other people who were accompanying Hicks were also feeling unwell. However, Mike Pence, Vice President of the country, and second lady Karen Pence tested negative. Several people started questioning the President’s decision to visit the fundraiser event despite staying in contact with Hicks.

It was nothing but an intentional activity that has all the possibilities of spreading the infection even more. Later, on Tuesday, October 6, Joe Biden, former Vice President, announces that both he and his wife Jill were tested negative. The CDC says that at this age, the President has the probability of falling sick and dying of the infection. Moreover, the rate of disease and death is 90% more than 18 to 29 years old.

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