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How to make a leaf vacuum?

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Cleaning the garden is the tiring task if there is no leaf vacuum. Leaf vacuum makes your garden neat and clean. It is essential for everyone, who has a beautiful garden. Are you searching for the best and bigger leaf vacuum for your garden, but did not have money, but don’t have money? Now you don’t need to invest your hard money in order to buy the expensive vacuum cleaner for your gardens. We are going to tell you the easy method by which you can make a Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum. The leaf vacuum will be made with the old car riding mower and some material which can easily buy at handyman store.

How to make a leaf vacuum?

Are you ready to learn how to make a leaf vacuum and saves hundreds of dollars from buying a new one? There is a step by step approach which must keep it in mind in order to make a leaf vacuum in less than 100$.

Step 1: Collect Materials

First of all, you must collect tools and materials which are required to make a better leaf vacuum for your garden. Your old car riding mower must be cleaned and ready. The materials and tools which you need to attach to your riding mower are given below

  • ½ inch 3 x 4 ft. Plywood
  • 1 pack of chicken wire
  • A pack of metal brackets
  • A metal hinge
  • 10 8 ft. Long 2×2 square planks
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Step 2: Cut The Plywood And Attach To The Riding Mower

Use a small Chainsaw in order to cut the plywood. Try to widen the plywood as much as possible as it can get many leave in the garden. After that, you will have to create 2 one-inch holes at the end of the plywood. Insert the two hooks at the end of the riding mower in the holes that you create in the plywood. To support the plywood, you can add 1-2 beams underneath the plywood.

Step 3: Create A Box From Planks

Now the next step is to cut some planks and make a big box. After creating a box, drill a plank diagonally inside each square. It is necessary to keep the box sturdier. Metal brackets also use to fasten the planks. Furthermore, if you want leaves don’t fly out from the top, then you can cover the other half with the plywood. Make sure you properly nail it with a nail gun.

Step 4: Cover The Box With Chicken Wire

In the next step, you can use chicken wire to cover the box. The whole netting must be wrapped around the box properly.

Step 5: Make A Small Door

This is necessary to make a small door. Once the box is full, there must be a passage to take out the leaves.

Step 6: Set Up Mower And Attach An Extension Pipe

This is the final step in which you can attach an extension pipe with the mower. Start the mower can clean your garden with a leaf vacuum. Now you can know how to make a leaf vacuum, there is no need to buy a new one.

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