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Where to buy nursing shoes?

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Nursing is a respectable job in our society. It is the demanding job and nurses should be comfortable to the max in order to efficiently deliver care to the patients. Nursing is a tough job and every nurse needs comforting and high-quality shoes. There is an estimate of about 33% of nurses in the USA suffers from foot pain. There is a need for good quality shoes. The best quality shoe is comfortable for every nurse all day work.

The important question asked by many people where to buy nursing shoes? However, there are too many women’s shoes out there in the market, but it is difficult to decide which one is more comfortable and better to work. If you are a nurse, then this article is for you. We are going to explain what the factors are in a good quality nursing shoe and where to buy these shoes. This guide will help you in solving the confusion to choose the best nursing shoes.

Weight and Comfort

Weight matters a lot if you are looking to buy nursing shoes. You must choose those shoes which give you more comfort in all day hard work. The heavyweight shoes, never are good for you as these shoes will more harmful for your feet. You must look for lightweight and comfortable shoes. The more lightweight the better is for your work. However, your socks must also lighter to wear shoes easily.

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Support and Stability

Nursing works require long hours work so, it is important for you to buy excellent back and ankle support shoes. It will reduce the foot, back and leg pain. This is important for the health reason, failure to do so causes leg and back issues in the future.

Slip Resistance

It is also an important factor as slippery shoes will harmful for your health. So, you must go for those shoes which provide slip resistance on every surface. The shoe you are selected must be a good grip that always safe throughout the day.


The shoes come in different design and colors. If you are a fashion lover, then select those designs which suit your personality. It is up to you which design and style of nursing shoe you like to wear.

Best Nursing Shoe For Women

We are going to explain a couple of best nursing shoes, for you’re all day work. These are modern designed shoes for the women, which every woman can wear any place.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

This is the ideal shoe for the women who spent much time on their feet. Easy joint strain and pressure provide you comfort in all day work.  This shoe gives your foot a natural stride, which helps in reducing fatigue. The mid-sole provides better comfort to your foot. This shoe is designed in such a way that it provides efficient space for your toes.

Skechers for working women

Skechers is the great brand of shoes which is light in weight and comes in beautiful designs and colors. You can easily walk in hospitals and other places by wearing these shoes

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The above is the recommended shoes for you to wear. You can choose any of them for your daily nursing work.

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