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Couples Dream Bedroom Ideas 2019

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When you are looking for a new bed, you might be overwhelmed at the number of products that you can select from, from mattress to bed frame. There are some great designs in comfort, and soon it is tough to pick the right one.

One thing that can be done is to focus on the measurements that you want, especially if you are trying to get the right bed frame for your mattress.

King Size Bed Dimension

First, how wide is a full-size bed frame? A bed frame of the size that you are looking for depends on the style of bed frame that you opt for. Floating platform beds are broader and longer considering the design. You might want storage below the bed frame, so if you need a simple structure, you can add 2 to 5 inches extra to the measurements for your mattress. This is to fit in the materials that the frame is made from. However, the manufacturer will always give the exact dimensions.


Next, let’s look at how big the king mattress size is. The king mattress is the upgrade that every new couple look forward to. The king-sized provide sleepers with lots of the room so that they can stretch their legs and have ample space for both partners to sleep on.


Getting a King sized bed could be a feat, as they are large and cost a lot of money. There are so many options to grab from, so which one should you choose and where do you start?


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There is a type of king-sized mattress that is of the Layla brand. So what makes the Layla mattress so unique. It is super firm, and a lot of sleepers have stated that the pressure relief of the bed is excellent and it promotes their sleep at night. Those that want a softer feel on the mattress can flip Layla to the next side, while customers that prefer a firmer feeling can use the darker side. Both dark and light sides have a slower response that only memory foam mattresses can provide.


Lastly, we are looking at the pillow-top mattresses. What is the best pillow top mattress cover available in the market? Sweetnight pillow top mattress solves problems like tossing around, lack of back support, body temperature issues and sagging.


They come with a pillow top mattress cover that is made out of natural materials. The cushion in the topper has fresh gel memory foam that can hug your body in a manner where you feel warm and comfortable. It also retains heat and prevents the cold throughout the night. There is a high level of density in the foam that gives the user extra support. The foam is free from any chemicals like formaldehyde. There is also a trial from Sweetnight that gives you one month to use the bed. If you are not happy with the foundation, you have to return it, if you have doubts, make sure to contact Sweetnight to get more information about their personnel policies.

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