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5 Essential Tips for Moving Out of State

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5 Essential Tips for Moving Out of State

Successfully navigating the real estate market is a challenge, so if you’ve already done that, congratulations are in order. That also means you’re staring in the face of a huge moving project, which may not be as much of a cause for celebration.

At the end, you’ll be thrilled, but in the meantime, the big project may have you discouraged. Yet with these tips for moving out of state, you’ll be able to get things done and be ready when the day comes. Check it out!

1. Purge Ahead of the Long Haul

You’re emptying out your home. You’ll find things you thought were lost forever, and things you thought you’d gotten rid of. Do some serious paring down so that you don’t have to move as much stuff.

Consider different methods. You’re unique, so your method can be unique also. There’s Marie Kondo style, but there’s also the Gretchen Rubin Happiness Project and the entire minimalist movement to consider.

However you approach the gigantic project, picture your future self in your new home not worrying about any extra piles, and you’ll be grateful (and motivated) to purge.

2. Don’t Choose a Shady Moving Company

You might be trying to save money by hiring a moving company that undercuts the rest. But remember that they’ll probably fail to deliver what you need for such a discounted rate. Don’t hire any business that doesn’t have a DOT number, insurance, or registration.

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You should also check for reviews from previous customers, so that you know what you’re getting into.

3. Focus on One Thing at a Time

While it’s wonderful to get into your new home right away, leaving behind loose ends can be worrisome. If you’re moving away before you sell your old house, then you’ll have the added worry of selling out of state property. Get the help you need so that you can focus on each project as it comes.

Concentrate on packing, then getting the house ready after it’s somewhat cleared out. Next, complete your move, and then work with your realtor on marketing the old house. Moving is a process, and you need to give yourself grace to make it manageable.

4. Take Photos for Proof

If you’re having anyone help you move, make sure that you take pictures of important items like electronics. You need proof that they were intact before the move, so that you can file a claim in case of any damages. You’ll also want to make sure that you take photos to protect yourself from theft.

5. Hottest of All the Tips for Moving Out of State

Stay organized as you pack up. Think about which items you’ll want first when you arrive at the new place, and try to make sure those are the last to get loaded.

Use detailed labels. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to remember it all, so be precise when you write what’s on each box.

For illegible handwriting, consider typing out the contents and printing multiple copies to tape on each side of the box. Another alternative is investing in a label maker. Making each label is a great way to get older kids to help out during the move.

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Time to Go

When the time finally arrives, you’ll be ready to go if you follow these tips for moving out of state.

From protecting your things to getting rid of items you won’t need in your new place, it’s important to plan ahead so your move isn’t stressful.

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