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Eh, Tú! 7 Powerful Benefits of Learning a New Language

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Eh, Tú! 7 Powerful Benefits of Learning a New Language

Almost half of the world’s population is multilingual. Yet, only 20 percent of Americans are.

This means that 80 percent of Americans can only communicate with people that speak English.

This is unfortunate because being multilingual comes with so many benefits. Your education, career, and social life are all improved with another language. With all the language tools available today, becoming bilingual is easier than ever.

Ready to learn all the benefits of learning a new language? Keep reading for the top 7 perks.

1. More Career Options

Employers feel the pressure to have multilingual employees. Globalization has enabled many businesses to connect and work across the globe. Companies can grow stronger and wealthier by standing on the international stage.

But, to do so, someone must speak the other country’s language.

The demand for multilingual employees has doubled in the last five years. For a more coveted position in your company or a better career, meet the demand, learn a new language.

When enrolling in language lessons, consider taking a “Business Language Course.” This will teach you specific business vocabulary in the foreign language. Plus, you’ll learn about cultural customs that are part of communication in that country.

2. Better Vacations

How many times have your vacations been to all-inclusive resorts? Ones where all the resort staff know enough English to communicate with you?

You limit your holiday options when you depend on others knowing English.

Think of all the places you could explore if the language wasn’t a barrier. Just knowing Spanish opens you up an entire continent and parts of others. Knowing Chinese means you could travel around one of the biggest countries in the world.

That’s not to say all-inclusive vacations aren’t amazing. If you know a second language, you could speak to the resort staff in their language. Imagine the special treatment you’d get for that.

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3. Boosted Brain Function

Learning a new language improves your ability to concentrate and multi-task. Studies show it can delay dementia four years longer than monolingual people.

To learn a new language, the brain must learn a new set of complex rules. It has to translate on the spot and work quickly. It must learn new patterns and commit them to memory.

By improving your brain function through language-learning, other areas also improve. Your own understanding of English deepens, which improves your communication skills. You may see an improvement in reading speeds and writing skills.

Plus, learning a language requires a daily commitment. You build a habit of self-discipline. There are tools and resources, like this site, that can help with your daily learning.

4. Increased Networking Opportunities

In a work setting, knowing more than one language offers more networking opportunities. Build connections and partnerships that your English-only competitors are missing out on.

In a social setting, being multilingual gives you more chances to make friends. Think of all the people in the world whose perspectives you’ll never know. By speaking their language, you can expand your own perspectives through understanding theirs.

This applies to the world of dating as well. Why limit yourself only to partners who speak English? Your soul mate could be a non-English speaker.

5. More Confidence

When you complete any challenging task, you feel satisfied and proud. Those feelings boost your confidence and self-worth.

If you struggle with low self-worth, consider learning a new language.

The first time you have a basic conversation in French or Greek will be so rewarding. All the hours of memorization and grammar will become worth it. You will have accomplished something not everyone can.

In every situation you enter, business or social, you can feel more confident. Master a skill that impresses everyone. Let it grow your confidence and improve your self-worth.

6. Better Decision-Maker

As you practice speaking a new language, you have to translate on the spot. You know what you want to say in English but you need to translate it in your head. You’re forced to make immediate decisions in your translation.

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Becoming better at speaking the new language improves your decision-making skills.

When you’re fluent in a language, you don’t notice the decision-making that goes on in your brain. You choose the right words based on knowledge of vocabulary and grammar rules.

By flexing your decision-making skills with a new language, your decisiveness improves. It becomes easier to settle on a decision at work, for dinner, and when making life plans. You can make the right decisions because your brain is confident in making that choice.

7. Stronger Communicator

Language is more than just foreign words. It’s about the nuances of another culture’s communication style. It’s the pauses, phrasing, and body language.

As you learn a new language, you also learn about these nuances. You learn which phrases sound rude and which ones sound abrupt. You learn why eye contact is so important to see the person is understanding you.

These skills impact your general communication skills. Even when you’re speaking English, you become more in tuned with nuances.

By learning a new language, your English communication skills improve. When you meet someone who’s learning English as a second language, you have more compassion. You can expertly explain English nuances because you notice them as a language-learner.

Learning new languages gives you an immense appreciation for people who immigrate here. Coming to a country without knowing the language is intimidating and hard. They learn a language out of necessity, and you can sympathize with its challenges.

Want to Know More Benefits of Learning a New Language?

Ask any multilingual person how speaking different languages has benefited them. They will likely have a multitude of reasons, the first being able to connect with more people.

You, too, can experience the benefits of learning a new language. Download a language app or join a course today.

Besides learning another language, consider working on your communication skills. Without the basics down, it doesn’t matter what language you speak. Communication is key in every scenario!

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