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The Best of Gold Rolex for Your Choice

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The fundamental principle of Rolex is the accuracy of mechanisms. Back in 1910, the brand produced the first wristwatches with a chronometer certificate, which equaled in accuracy with marine chronometers. Since then, the company has given priority to maximum accuracy. All modern Rolex models are certified chronometers; while few Swiss watch brands generally have such models in collections.

Unlike other brands, gold Rolex is very conservative. This is reflected in the design and design of the watch. All collections are made in a classic style. The company aesthetics honed over the years and decades does not change: a round case, an adequate diameter, a reliable bracelet, a laconic dial design – three hands, a date, and contrasting marks. Rolex – watch out of fashion. They suit people with well-established tastes.

Rolex is valued for its stability and commitment to tradition in the manufacture of watch movements. The company does not pursue innovations for the sake of innovations, does not risk the reliability of mechanisms for the sake of complex improvements and experimental materials, does not expand the range for the sake of a new audience. All mechanisms are created manually according to traditional techniques perfected by decades.

How to choose a watch

In a year, Rolex produces about half a million hours in dozens of collections. The model range cannot be called broad, since the brand fundamentally approaches the development of each model and spends a lot of time on it. Nevertheless, there are many options, and the choice can be difficult.

Watch materials

The main materials of gold Rolex watches are gold in several alloy variants, an expensive grade of stainless steel 904L and less commonly platinum. These materials are resistant to corrosion and wear, while they are easy to polish and always look luxurious.

Conservatives choose gold models. Yellow gold is a classic version. Lovers of brevity like white alloy models. The most decorative and elegant – rose gold watches. If you are staying on this version, pay attention to the Everose specimens, which are created using a special technology and cast in the Rolex manufactory.

Steel watches are suitable for sports and active lifestyle. They are less susceptible to wear and are more resistant to extreme conditions – salt water, temperature extremes, pressure. Rolex Sport Steel models retain the elegant and noble appearance that characterizes this brand.

Platinum models in the Rolex collections are much smaller than gold and steel. This is the most expensive and prestigious brand watches. But we must remember that platinum is heavier than gold or steel by about a third, which is felt when wearing watches.


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Rolex does not use innovative materials in its models, as they are not tested for years of constant wear. Reliability is one of the basic principles of the brand, and Rolex does not risk it for the sake of innovation. In rare cases, the company manufactures individual body parts from special hard ceramics.

Body shape and size

The Rolex watch case has a round shape with “ears” elongated at the top and bottom for attaching the bracelet. This characteristic feature of the brand is repeated in all collections – from classic Day-Date to sports Submariner.

There are several models with a rectangular case in the Cellini Time series. The brand does not have watches with non-standard forms – oval, octagonal, “ton”. Consequently, the choice is limited to two options, while the rectangular Rolex case is several times less popular than the round one.

The classic size of the Rolex case for men’s watches is 40 mm. This is the golden mean in modern models: neat but rather big size for good readability and elegant look. Approximately two thirds of hours are made with such a diameter. At the same time there is always a choice of other sizes: from 36 to 45 mm, for any width of the wrist and for every taste.

The average diameter of the body of female models is 36 mm. In addition, there are many options with small sizes for an elegant narrow wrist – 26, 28, 29, 31, 34 mm. Large watches in women’s collections units, the maximum possible diameter – 41 mm.


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