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9 Masters in Public Health Jobs That Defy Convention

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9 Masters in Public Health Jobs That Defy Convention

Have a Masters in Public Health?

Feel like nothing interests you?

Finding a job can be a daunting prospect when statistics show that only twenty-seven percent of college graduates use their degree for employment.

If you never use your degree, what is the point of that hefty college loan?

You want a job that honors your expertise.

We’re here to help you do that.

Here’s a list of nine Masters in Public Health Jobs that you can use on your post-college job search.

Masters In Public Health Jobs

Public Health is a degree with implications in the wellbeing of society. For that reason, there are many jobs in the health sciences field available.

You can also work to better society through social work and mental health advocacy.

If you find that you love learning about public health but can’t see yourself working in a particular field, you might also consider becoming a public health educator or researcher.

Social Worker

A big part of the wellbeing of society is financial and familial health.

As a social worker, you will help individuals struggling financially in society. This means connecting people to government assistance, job opportunities, and affordable insurance.

Additionally, you work with individuals suffering from abuse and mistreatment.

The satisfaction from seeing others thrive is unmatchable.


Epidemiologists perform data collection and observation on diseases and illnesses in society.

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Epidemiologists impact the legislation, care, and strategy for disease prevention and intervention.

Public Health Educator

Learning the ins and outs of public health is a time-consuming yet rewarding undertaking.

You may feel you’ve learned valuable information from your degree in Public Health yet can’t see yourself working with the public. If so, consider becoming a Public Health Educator.

You can work as a college professor or you can contract yourself out to organizations that need insight into how public health works.

Mental Health Worker

Mental health is a growing issue in society. True public health means the mental health of society is cared for as well.

By becoming a mental health worker, you’ll get to assist people with their mental health.

Environmental Health Specialist

With global warming impending, environmental health is of much importance to the health of society.

Environmental health specialists help the country make leaps in environmental science.

For example, as communicated by USC MPH, wildfire prevention and care is of utmost importance. This is in light of recent severe wildfires. Environmental health specialists can help. You’ll help provide solutions for preventing wildfires and caring for smoke inhalation victims.

Data Scientist

Data scientists can effectively communicate the latest scientist to political officials, medical companies, and other experts.


Starting your own company to make advances in public health care is a huge undertaking. This job proves to be rewarding as you pioneer new technologies.

Political Advisor

As an expert in Public Health, you can contract yourself to political officials.

Political advisors influence laws surrounding public health research and developments. They also impact regulations on companies to promote public and environmental health.

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Vaccine Safety Expert

Vaccines are technologies designed to improve public health through disease prevention.

Vaccine Safety Experts evaluate, approve scheduling, and assist in safety developments for vaccines.

You Aren’t Limited With a Degree in Public Health

There are plenty of Masters in Public Health Jobs to choose from. This nine-point list is only scratching the surface!

For more tips on furthering your education and jobs for your specific degree, read Easy Work Net’s education articles!

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